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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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lol ty Mav. Now that i know how i will be able to help with this topic. :)


EDIT: While searching for a link to Chainz Longsaber at pcgamemods (just as a test. i can already get it from your site :)) I found this. I believe it will help us, seeing as it has a list of several mods on the page.

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the black hk47 reskin

mod that makes the default clothing for soldiers the republic soldier uniform


I found a republic uniform mod by Mono. Although it contains more than just that, you only need the appearance file to get the republic uniform. Here it is.


I know there's more than one black Hk-47 skin, but I was only able to find this one at kotorfiles.

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im also looking for i forget who made it but made the lightsaber blades thinner i cant remember who made it but i can remember it made the saber blades thinner and more focused in the center of the blade... sorry for not remember who made it but i just got back into teh KOTOR scene

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im trying to find the Jedi Ceremonial Robes by Cerasumat im pretty sure they were black and had a mettalic outline on them there was a reupped version i was hoping to find


Edit: did u give me the reupped or the original

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Its a pity what has happend to PCGM and i was wondering if you could find the mod that alters the workbench and lab thingys to allow you to make alot of stuff.


I don't know the number or anything, i know it was on PCGM.


I have looked everywhere and the closest was RedHawke's Make Robes Bench mod....but all it does is make robes, i want the one that does, armor, weapons, sabers and robes.


As well as the lab that does all the implants and stuff like that.


I know its a long shot, if you can't find it, its all cool.


UPDATE: I have found the name of the mod and the number, but thats it.


http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/10552.html (Full Item Creation Mod)


I am still looking, but so far, no link other then to PCGM.

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