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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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I'm looking for "Bastila's Lingerie Mod, Censored Version v.2.0", I believe that was what it was called. It was hosted on pcgamemods, but I think the modder had it hosted on his own site as well. If anyone could redirect me to that instead I would appreciate it.


Here is the link!:D





P.S.:Hey there was only a v1.0 I could find so hopefully this is the one you were looking for!:D

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T7's Revan's Robe Mod


- Ghost Down


Edit: Oh, I'm sorry RedHawke, but I was a bit in a hurry when I posted that. So, I didn't had any time to do a forum search ;)


- Ghost Down


I combined your posts to save from uneccisary clutter. I also deleted 2 of your 3 nearly identical requests in this thread for AVol's Bronze saber or whatever, that is spam, please don't do that again.


I don't mean to be harsh but this thread is meant as a last resort. Look first, post here last, that is all we ask. -RH

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T7's Revan's Robe Mod

If you had looked at the Mods Release thread first you would have found a working download link.


A Message to Everyone


Come on people, please actually take some time and browse the Taris Upper City Emporium and the Where Can I Find Mods thread, before posting here.


I have to ask... is anyone actually checking the other sites or doing any research.. or is everyone just coming here "first"??


C'mon people.. this isn't a drive-thru. This thread should only be used as a last resort when all other possibilities have been used...

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Would it make sense to start listing all the satisfied requests (with the links, of course), in perhaps the first post? This will start creating a reference list of PCGM links.


Otherwise, this thread will start getting so long that people won't bother to read the whole thing, and start asking for links that have already been posted. Putting them all in the first post would avoid that.

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Would it make sense to start listing all the satisfied requests (with the links, of course), in perhaps the first post? This will start creating a reference list of PCGM links.

That's a darn good idea!


Anyone care to compile a list of all the links so far?


Then one of us mod types can copy the list to the first or second post. ;)

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PCGameMods appears to be working as of now. How long it will last, I do not know. However this might be a good time to take notes of certain mod's filename and number that you (or others) might need if it goes down again.


These are golden words of wisdom folks! ;) -RH

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Knights of the Old Republic


Achilles Robe Mod


Blaster Balance mod


Darth Revans Robe 2.0


Ceremonial Jedi Robes (Reupped)


Recruit Darkkender


All-in-one Force Powers

EZ Turret Games

Darth Straker

Sith Armada


Bodysuit Bastila

PVC Revan Skins

Feminine Revan Cutscene Model

Meet Athena

Revan Cutscene fixed Force Powers


Bastila's Lingerie Mod, Censored Version v.2.0


Mandalor Armor


Selectable Aayla Secura

4 Selectable Aayla Secura Female Twilek Skins


Movie Robes

Republic Commando: Delta Squad


Recruit Vandar


Verpine implant integration Visor

Carth's Infiltrator Suit


MECK Project Enter Jabba's Palace

MECK The Insidious Plot v1.1


Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords


Achilles Robe Mod


Mission Vao at 19 years old Mod-Patch


Jedi Hoods

Darth Vader for PC

Bronze Lightsaber Fix


Hardcore Mod 2.0


Female Underwear Mod


T3-M4 Variations Mod

TSL Holowan Plug-in Patch


Force Choke Anyone

Darth Moeller

Exile's Item Pack Mod


Darth Maul Skin mod


Darth Nihilus Hood and Mask

PC Visible


Sir Mandalore


Subtle Darkside Transitions


Recruit Zez-Kai Ell

Recruit Atris

General Kenobi

T3M4 Codename: VORLON


Saber Blade Adjustments

Jedi Master Mike

Starry Eyed Mira Mod v1.0


PVC Dancers Outfit


Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Armor Pack and Teal'c PC


Visas Marr "Unveiled"


Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket for PC-light Side/Neutral


Full Item Creation


Clonetrooper Armor

Republic Commando:Delta Squad


Few movies lightsaber hilts with blade fix

NPC Skins


Anakin Skin

Palpatine Skin

Burnt Anakin Skin

Obi-Wan Episode 3 skin


Sith Hood


Lightside Transition Music

Darkside Transition Music


Modding Tools and Utilities


AniCam Beta3


Replacer Tool


There was supposed to be more color, but I guess i entered the color tags wrong or something :nut:, whatever, but I'm never doing that again...


Way to go Mav! :D I have fixed the first post in this thread with the list. FYI Mav, I believe you have to put the color tags inside the URL link for them to work. ;) -RH


Edit: ^^^^ Well that sucks, lol.

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does any one have the bastila mod from pcgamemods by avol??? cuz i think pcgames mods is down agagin, plz post here if you have and send the file to "Please PM Me"


Sorry, posting your email address is a no-no, please ask people to use the PM system instead. Thanks. -RH

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Hey, I'm looking for the [KI]Super Skip Taris mod, Hey nevermind I found the mod here's the link to it http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Super_Skip_Taris;71749


Actually SDSnyper, it's only been down for a couple of days I was on it Wednesday, the 10th! :-) anyhow I also want the Mod that allows you to turn Carth into a Darksider. By the way Welcome to the Forums SDSnyper!

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