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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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I'm looking for JDNOa's Alternate DS Ending MOd.


How the HECK can I find this? PCGameMods is dead, it's not hosted at the main KOTOR mod site, and JDNOa's own website is dead.


The mod, from what I've seen on Youtube, is BEAUTIFUL. And I want to play it. But...it looks like that won't be possible. So, can any of you help me? (I've checked through this thread...no go.)



I too am pretty desperate to find this. Does it exist anywhere on the net anymore? Or does anyone here have it and could perhaps e-mail it to me?


I've been looking so hard I went into an archive site and pulled up a snapshot of JDNoa's old GeoCities site, which unfortunately doesn't have the files hosted (didn't really expect it too), but it's still an interesting look into the past.


Ahmehgawd. I spent hours scouring the web for this, finally found it, and made an account just to post the link here for the people who want it.


This would be JdNoa's dark side alternate ending mod. If this link ever goes down, poke me and I can send you the files.





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Hmm... let's see here.


Holowan Spire

Shores of Death

Evil Temple

GSCCC's Reign of the Sith

Clayton Wick's KOTOR Remix 0.3

Avol's Darth Vader Mod

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Can somebody send me a PM for the Evil Temple and Shore of death mods?


I looked these up, and I am interested in giving them a try since I am nearly at that point in a DS playthrough. May I have these two mods in a PM also please?

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With gamefront/filefront dead, I haven't been able to find the below mods and would greatly appreciate if someone could send them to me or link me to them. Thanks!


Bastila and Fem Revan, the untold Love Story


Bastila Romance Glitch Fix



Sith Party Glitch



Star Forge Dialogue Fix



Mara Jade PC



Female Mandolorians



Bastila Unchained



Bastila Gold trimmed Robes



Bastila Default Clothes






Cute Bastila



Realistic Mod Reskin



Meet Athena



Body Bastila



Bastila's Extra Dialog



Cantina Bastila



Shen/Rahasia Proposal



Nema Juhani Reskin


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