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Pennsylvania...Say, I know of a laser hobby guy named Samuel M. Goldwasser who lives in the own of Cynwyd. His website is http://www.repairfaq.org.


^What kind of lasers are you with?


I have

4 red HeNe (Helium Neon) lasers

1 red laser pointer

2 green laser pointers (well and a third dead one)

Numerous infrared laser diodes

1 Nd:Y.A.G. "SSY1" lamp driven solid state laser. (Search "SSY1 laser" on ebay ;)) Made my own power supply inverter for it but since I do not have any fail-safe means of limiting overvoltage, I'm scared as hell to use it. Not for the dangers (that, scary as it may be, also turns me on for some strange reason--dunno why) so much as catastrophic destruction of rare and relatively expensive parts!


1 N2 (nitrogen) gas laser that emits UV pulses...made it myself similarly as per the Scientific American article for my senior project. Nothing too fancy (seriously). But it has some difficulty working. In the future I plan to only use it near proper grounding as the power supply is floating and...let's just say electricity does some rather funny stuff (ball plasma isn't as hard to make as everyone says it is). I need change some stuff to optimize it...if I ever get around to that.


Planning to get:

a blue-violet nichia laser diode..whether I want it for just a pointer (longest life and safest to use) or if I want to up its power so it can ignite matches and pop baloons is a choice I have yet to make...perhaps I'll buy multiple laser diodes...


Parts to finish the Co2 laser as per Information Unlimited's "laburn" design as per "28 electronic gadgets for the evil genius" chapter 8.


High power laser diode for a compact laser processor/burner design.


None of this is particularly difficult just very expensive and dangerous.

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