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Colorado Blizzard '06

ET Warrior

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I was going to make a thread about this earlier, but I completely forgot. For those unaware, Colorado was hit by one of the worst snowstorms in recent history (4th biggest snowfall in Denver ever), burying almost the entire eastern half of the state with 1-5 feet of snow on the plains, and much more in the mountains. The snow started late last Tuesday (19th) and lasted about a day and a half. Pretty much every town in the state completely shut down because of this.


Grocery stores still haven't been able to restock their shelves, and we even got some more snow on Sunday.


DIA was completely shut down for a full day and a half, which I know caused a lot of travelers complications.


There is a group on facebook devoted to it, here are some select user-submitted pictures


Yes, there is a car in this picture.


They might be there awhile...


I think it's impressive that there is that kind of pile-up of snow, when there were 20+ mph winds during the snowfall


snow drifts are funny


and this is why DIA was closed



I hope the blizzard didn't negatively affect any of you or your loved ones :)

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