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Ask A Stupid Question And Get A Stupid Answer

Diego Varen

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When dividing by numbers between one and zero, the smaller you go the larger the result. I.E. 1/0.01 = 100 and 1/0.001 = 1000. By actually dividing by zero the result is infinity, which is not a number. Therefore dividing by zero just means that it is impossible to make sense of the answer.


What happens when you multiply by zero?

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B/C they are stopping at nothing trying to change the rules of engagement by deprecating the constitution to which they are bound and whittling away at the sovereignty they swore to uphold and protect all the while to pass the version of healthcare they prefer which is the senate's version and not the revised house version.


I guess it's time for William Todd to give them "the look". :dev9:


Mostly b/c they are all dead mothers.


Mmm, necrophelia...



Why didn't Hal tell me?

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