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Ask A Stupid Question And Get A Stupid Answer

Diego Varen

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^^^The same reasons as always:

1) Why does a dog lick its nads? BECAUSE IT CAN!!!

2) You asked it.


But.....I'm not doing your own mom. :xp: Keep mine out of this you dirty perv or I might have to hire Red to give you a manual colon scan. :devsmoke:


Nice one gramps, only took you a month to reply to that.



Why is it that every time I say sugar bear, some buttmunch has to play that ridiculous fanfare? Who the **** keeps playin' that music?

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Teh admin would be getting fat wallets.



Is Hal implying that GTA has man-crushes on other LF members?




About as much as you're implying that I do. He's just got style.


Why is GTA upset that anyone even pays attention to his posts?
I didn't know anyone besides you really payed any attention to anything I had to say. :dev8::iceburn:




What does it even mean?

Example. Black Lagoon anime. Revy to Rock over time.


He's some weird flavour of tsundere.

I could say the same about you. :smirk2:



Why hasn't this thread moved onto the subject of beating each other senseless with cacti?

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