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Ask A Stupid Question And Get A Stupid Answer

Diego Varen

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Over time, yes. I learned the first one on the get-go with a failed attempt at creeping you out. The other...well, it takes a certain kind of person to tolerate my obnoxiousnes and for one reason or another I've been put into the "slightly mad" pile. (And have I got a story or two to tell you about highschool.)


What happens when you put garlic, avocadoes, red onions, red chille peppers, tomatoes, basil, and lime in together and blend it?

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Tom Anderson's toolshed but therein lies another problem as I know that I personally wouldn't go in there after who'se been occupying it. Not without sterilizing equipment anyhow.


Something that noone in their right mind, and few people in their wrong mind, would go anywhere near.

I beg to differ, as the Trader Joe's make-it-yourself salsa kits are actually bar none in terms of flavor.



What if Deus Ex stopped Bothering PyramidHead87? (Hint: youtube channel) Dual Paradox

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