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Gunnery Suggestions

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Since there are a few threads about Saber Styles with which there seems to come a more common agreement, I'd like to put one up about the Gunnery skills perks etc.


I have read so many times now that blob has to go, or no, it has to stay, blah blah blah... Personally, I think it should be removed, but not without changing some other weapons around first. I also wanted to throw my suggestions at you anyway and this seems a nice way of doing it.


About shooting-from-the-ground, or knockdown-shooting as I like to call it. I think it is a nice solution to only be able to shoot-from-the-ground with a weapon when you actually have level 3 in that specific weapon skill.


I do not know the damage values of the guns, but it seems logical to me that one or two shots would kill someone (if they hit ofcourse).


As for secondary fire modes, I still think that the slight zoom is the best for most guns and allows a more tactical playing style amongst gunners which will greatly reward them should they utilize it. This would also mean that the normal firing modes of those guns should be less accurate and should cause slightly more mishap.


I think I will list the guns and items here with my suggestions:



Not much to say about this one. It's cheap, light and probably your very last resort when in tight situations. I think the accuracy is a bit too high for this weapon, since it is only a pistol. The secondary fire mode should be the small zoom (or some kind of iron sights simulation) where it increases its accuracy and perhaps damage. However, you should never be able to be fully accurate with it, since it is the cheapest gun. When firing normally, the spray of the bullets should be a bit larger than the crosshair.



Well, this is a nice average weapon which should belong in any self-respected gunner's arsenal. I think the damage on it is fine as well as the ROF. Furthermore, I think the secondary mode should be the same as the pistol. This gun should also be more accurate than a pistol, but it should not be a sniper either.



The new blob, anyone? I think this weapon has a great potential in OJP. I remember reading about something of a special 'throw grenade' button being worked on for this weapon. As of now, the damage of the Thermals is horrible and this should be changed so it can kill a person easily if it explodes within close proximity of him. The firing modes on this weapon are fine in my opinion. Also, I think ammo for this gun should be sparse, with more levels for this weapon increases the amount of grenades you get.


Another thing I would like to suggest on this weapon. When level 1, these things should be easy to be pushed back by a Jedi/Sith. But I think when you have level 2, the push-back probability should be decreased to something about 75%. Level 3 should then decrease it further to 50% or below, to still make this a nice viable weapon to spend some points on.


Rocket Launcher:

This one I am not too keen on. I don't exactly know its damage, but I reckon it should be around the same of a Thermal described above. I think the firing modes on this weapon are fine. The ROF, however, should be higher than it is now (009v). This, because I am one of those people who voted to remove blob and I have some suggestions for replacements which you will read below. The ammo for this gun should be sparse in my opinion. Perhaps you should be unable to use the secondary fire on this thing until you get level 2.



Hmm, this weapon is one of those for which I don't know any suggestions. I think it is fine the way it is now. Any suggestions...?



Another weapon I rarely, or never use. Any suggestions...?


Clone Rifle:

The weapon of doom in the eyes of some. The ultimate nerfbat victim in the eyes of others. I see this weapon as the BAR from WW II. A heavy gun with a nice ROF and some good suppresive capabilities. You should be able to suppress or pin down a Jedi with this, since it fires at a nice rate and you actually have quite some ammo to spend. The accuracy and spread rate of this weapon are fine too.


But now, on to the secondary function. Some have suggested that it should be like most other guns, a slight zoom with increased accuracy and, perhaps, damage. Others thought it would be nice if it had some kind of burst fire or even a shotgun like type fire mode. I think it would be really nice if we would be able to combine those suggestions. I'd say make the secondary mode the slight zoom effect with a little increased accuracy and make it do a burst when you're firing it. This burst, with 3 to 5 bolts in one, should be too much for a Jedi/Sith to deflect all at once, and thus he will get some nice DP damage. An added effect would be the Jedi/Sith falling over when getting too much DP damage when shot by the secondary fire mode of this gun. However, the ROF of the secondary mode should be low, but not too low like the current Rocket Launcher.



The ultimate sniper. This thing does exactly what it says on the tin. I think it would be better if the primary fire mode is not as accurate as it is now and would also aquire a bit more mishap per shot. This is your typical long range weapon and you don't want to be pulling this out in a close-quarters fight.




Well, I will stop here for now, this post is already way too long. Remember that these are all my suggestions and opinions. I would like to know what you think of it and what your suggestions are. I'd say that the 'slight zoom' mode for secondary fire is good to have with most guns, as it puts more tactical elements in OJP. And to be honest, it would greatly increase the immersion as a gunner in this game. This would also put a bit more emphasis on teamplay, which I think is still a bit too far away from the current game.

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Weapons should get buffs according to how good they are now, making the bowcaster, e-11 and pistol used more than the seeker and sentry (which should be support) is a good goal to aim at.


The detonation pack is a key weapon in my gunner arsenal, I just wish it did more damage. It's hard enough to get a jedi to fall for it, same goes for thermals.




Also teamplay is a lot more fun now, especially when combining team FFA and the new (and working!) LMS. There are some slight problems though, camping for example. The winners don't respawn afterwards so the losers need to constantly try and assault the same part of a map.

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Also, bowcaster should be just like E11 (no charged 5 shots, no bouncing shots), but should have less rate and more damage.


Note about LMS: EVERYBODY should respawn, I know this is not MB2, but it would allow people to upgrade stuff even when they win.

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About the new stun secondary on the pistol, I'm a bit worried that it can become easily spammable because the charge shot has infinite ammo. Maybe it'd be better served to place that secondary on another weapon (like the upcoming sonic blaster).


I think it'd be neat if in team play people take on certain roles such as long range, mid-range frontline, etc. to infuse more tactical play. Not everyone can be a Kyle Katarn and carry a crapload of weapons at one time, it just isn't very realistic. On that front having that encumbrance system we were talking about would be a good idea to ensure that people try to focus and specialize on different ranges for tactical team play; a normal person carrying an E-11, a DC-15A, a rocket launcher, and a bunch of det packs would be so weighed down they'd more easily get tired and not be able to run as long as someone with a thermal det and an E-11 + side arm.


I really like bjuster's suggestions for gun features. Just want to add a few things:


Pistol is like the cheap thing to buy, so yeah, its base accuracy slop should be slightly noticeable starting at mid-range and considerable at long range. As Jango Fett demonstrates, pistols can be quite lethal with well placed shots at close range, so it'll be a good base weapon for close range and decent at mid-range. Good candidate to have an aimed mode.


Blaster should be weapon of preference for close and mid-range combat and is the pistol's big brother. Aimed secondary mode gives you choice of tapping for one accurate shot or holding attack for a three-shot rapid burst, and this weapon should be nicely rounded out.


Bowcaster should be mid-range to near-long range king. Move secondary fire to primary, give aimed mode a scope with two fixed zoom settings (maybe?) with a charged up shot that fires a more powerful shot at faster speed.


The suggestion for a zoom-in spray shot secondary for the clone rifle may be a bit much. I see the clone rifle as serving more of a mid-range to close-range attack and suppression weapon. If the spray shot is more intended for close range suppression, then I wouldn't suggest a zoom function for it, but it being a relatively expensive gun to buy, should have some big perks (minus the blob).


I like the idea about thermals.


Dunno about det packs since I don't really use them, but I'm not too keen about it being used like an alternative to a thermal det; it should serve as more of a surprise ambush kind of device. Should we re-introduce trip mines?


Disruptor primary fire changes I agree with.


I'm not sure about converting Force to ammo because, well, it kind of doesn't make much sense. I think ammo replenish should be a gadget that you activate, much like the bacta cannister, where each one will replenish your ammo to your full clip with each use (or maybe half a clip).

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Heh, but doesn't that sound a bit weird? And it would mean they have infinite ammo...


Yes, just like a Jedi has infinite Force/Lightsaber. It balances it out.


As for the gadget thing, yeah, that works, but it still is only a limited use item (Unless it regenerates itself, but that seems too powerful). Doing a Force-To-Ammo thing (Probably a gadget you buy that could be activated to convert the force to ammo) seems more balanced. It takes away a valuable resource (Force) to gain another. It also makes it so the gunner has to stop somewhere to regain Force/ammo, rather than it being a constant on-the-go restoration.

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What you're describing is in Forcemod III. Gunner classes get the ability 'ammo regen' which makes their force degenerate and their ammo regenerate until they get full ammo, cancel the ability, or run out of force.

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Any sort of ammo regeneration item would invalidate the point of having ammo in the first place. You're supposed to bring enough with you to be able to deal with threats. Besides, we've made it so the pistol always has ammo, so it's not like you'll ever be completely out of ammo unless you choose to be.

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I dont suppose it would be possible to create some kind of buyable ammo drop feature where a ammo box of somekind would spawn in random locations every 5 minutes or so and refill all your ammo.


Or maybe a box that a buyable drop box that acts like a storage area for ammo where you can plant it somewhere on the map and it refills your ammo up to a certain point when you go back to it, but it can be destroyed?

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In the TEAMFFA/LMS games we play it's mostly a problem when you have gunners on the other team who can only hold off so many waves of players assaulting them without respawning or /killing to get their ammo back. Jedi get everything back in a matter of seconds whether they respawn or not, so I think I'm with Darth Cariss on this one.


Besides, gunners hardly use their FP at all and this would balance it out by forcing them to not just throw 85 of it away.

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The new pistol secondary stun is AWESOME!

I do believe though that it should be a level 3 power for multiple reasons, main ones being that you can get the pistol's full potential by spending one point in it and that it kind of lacks any achievement level when you get everything from the start.

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1. Bug ticket the level 3 -> pistol secondary thingy. I'll see if it's possible.

2. If it's a problem for gunners, we could just make EVERYONE respawn. I originally had it that we so the winner would still be ingame so they could grab the flag or complete their siege objective while everyone else was dead. Bug Ticket.

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I'm not sure if anyone has said this before but I think you should make it so that when using ruptor on scoped mode and got knocked down, scope would automatically dissappear.

I think it would be both useful and realistic. i think nobody keeps looking through scope after pushed down :p

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Sonic blaster should have that stunshot, not pistol. A pistol is just a pistol.



I see no logical reason a blaster pistol cannot have it if it charges power. It's the 'set blasters to stun' except in pistol form since it needed something to distinguish it and makes its charge worthwhile. Which has not quite happened yet.

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I really really think we should implement some kind of reloading system.






It's realistic, fun and more tactical, plus it enables us to do so much more! Imagine the rocket launcher actually needing a reload instead of just having a super unrealistic cooldown. Why do we have the E-11 beomg able to fire 300 (!) shots without ever needing to stop to cooldown or reload? I mean that's superheated plasma that's continously streaming through the barrel, don't you think it'd melt or something?


What about if we ever set on getting a projectile rifle, are we going to give it the cooldown too? I can't see any reasoning that would convince me into the current system being good.

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