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Burnsey's Art


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I'm going to post all of my art here.

I know I've already started a thread, but erm, I made the mistake in titling that 'Bao-dur, Atton and Exile.' :confused:


so, i guess this is Darren from my Quest for Revan story. but, the eyes turned out, erm, wrong. and the moustache just looks annoying lol

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Cool! What is it... a lizard?


I really like the clothing... it's hard! Shadowing is nicely done. The facial quality is a bit hard to make out... instead of black outline, I would suggest a darker tan instead.


This drawing has just motivated me to start using color in my art!

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the moustache - i know... what was i thinking? XD

I like them.. i can't draw them. that sounded almost Jedi 'must resist... the moustache.'


lol. >.>;;


the thing he's holding? erm. yer, i'm not sure. an electric... machine.. thingy? i don't tend to think too much when i'm drawing. :S


thank you. :)

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The jawa is sooooooo cute!!! *love* :D


I like your use of color on the first piece, particularly the hair! Did you use marker?


i used water colour pencils lol

they're quite good to be honest..



and thank you, everyone. :)

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Don't know if you put it on there, but she has that wrist gauntlet of hers. I think that there might be a pouch on her left (right?) leg. Other than that, it seems about right.


Very nice work though. It looks really hard to draw. :)

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Here is Mira in colour!




And, just because I accidently clicked black and white and it looked decent... Mira in black and white:




I'm quite proud of how this picture turned out. :) Water colour pencils & Picasa are difficult to work with, but I like it, if I'm allowed to say so myself. :lol:


Your comments would be appreciated. :^:

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Very nice! I can't draw very well at all - so anybody who can gets my congratulations!


Although, I am going to try and do some drawing - i've downloaded some tutorials on proportion, and may print some outlines out as a guide.


Out of interest, how do you colour your pictures in?

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