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Amazing JK Outcast SP Maps


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I am studying some of the classic community made maps for JK O and have found some incredible ones, first one i will feature here is


Hoth: Imperial Base V3.0


pk3 file:


Updated Link 12/31/2010


Story: Kyle is sent to investigate rumors about Imperial activity at the old supposedly abandoned Hoth base we all know and love, and indeed he finds some surprises indeed.


This is one of the most amazing maps I have seen yet for either JKO or JKA, it is brilliant, exciting, well scripted, lighting is superb, cinematic in feeling and has some of the best in map features i have ever seen. I don't want to spoil anyone, but there are some wonderful easter eggs to be found herein, if you look carefully there are some ancient rebel comm machines about, listen in and you may be surprised.


It is currently hosted by one community member and I have just been given permission by THX to submitt this Level Map to the online archives in his name and so will do so forewith.


I also have an update that the author shared with me, this map is doable on Stelath mode for much of it, and indeed you can do a great deal of it without weapons, as steath is enabled. This is a rare feature and one I look foward to replaying for to see.
















the cut scenes are very well done including one at the end that is cimenatic production values and hints at a continuation...which i greatly hope for :)


Map Review



this map dates from some years ago, but it holds its own with some of the finest current masters like Mercenary and others.

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Mace Wintu Party Crasher 50.1 MB

Anthony Piggot

Immersive Unique Atmospheric Masterpiece



Updating Post July 2011


This remarkable SP Map is a masterpiece of style and atmosphere, you travel to the world of Malastare looking for a lost Jedi Knight. This is a total immersion as the style and the character of this world is beautifully portrayed in the levels, and the way the story is told, you have unique colors and lighting and the overall feeling is wonderfully conveyed in many details, including wonderful custom work, spaceship, furnishings, a cantina with a live action Swoop Race on screen you can actually watch, live conversations among customers, and a thrilling plot that requires Mace to sleuth and fight his way thru. In the Read Me Anthony says he had hoped to develop the Map further, but for me, this is both a favorite and I think a classic example of how good and how well made a custom SP map can be.
















This Map level has full and excellent voicing and custom cut scenes and many special features. I am very glad Anthony released this for us all. He also has some other excellent maps, he is one of our top map makers and an example for how complete an experience a good SP map can be.


Anthony also did these other excellent maps and levels:


AK Piggott SP Maps and Levels


JK Outcast


Mace Windu: Party Crasher (for JO): http://www.massassi.net/levels/files/3057.shtml




Birth of a Mercenary (for MotS):



Darth vader Luke Battle on Death Star




Birth of a Mercenary Part 1




Birth of a Mercenary Part 2




Birth of a Mercenary Part 3




Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 1



Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 2



Anthony also has authored an amazing mod in which you play as Darth Vader, with beautiful scenes, scripting and cut scenes, it is 99% completed and Anthony is looking at finishing it up. This mod is fully voiced and totally professional in quality.


Update: A while ago Anthony indicated he may take a look at the project and consider completion. We await events and certainly hope so.

Beta as it is today:


Enter the Dark Lord


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ello =) ... new to forum !!

i have a n00b question :blush2:


after reading about Hoth : Imperial Base , i just had to download and have a try ,

only thing is .. it downloads as a pk3 (with no readme) and i can't seem to get it to work =/

i have put it in my base , and tried all sorts of ways to get it to load , to no avail :confused:


if someone here could be so kind as to provide me with some instruction ,

i would be most appreciative . :)

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thank you so much =)


it woulda been handy if that info were included in the review or ....somewhere !

i tried all sorts of combinations of map ImpHothV3 , map ImpHothV3.0 etc =/

but how stupid of me .... _a ... of course ... it makes perfect sense :confused:


but again ... thank you for your help .:D

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I agree, it is remarkable and beautifully done. I have hope that the author may, just may, continue work on this wonderful project that was only half done...for there was intended to be more of it.....and we may yet get to see the completion of this excellent work.

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Nemesis of Katarn



SP Map Set for Jedi Knight Outcast (JKO)

8 Custom Levels - Mods and Resources Included

78.1 MB




LivingDeadJedi is a master of both multipayer and singleplayer maps for JKO, and this map set is truly amazing. This set began as "Return of Tavion" but with the release of JKA the story line was changed a bit, and this wonderful level set was created. This is truly one of the great works so far for JKO.


You enter thru a beautiful cut scene into the Sky City of Bespin but a new Bespin we have not seen before with a whole new feel and lightness to it, beautifully created in




GREAT architecture and texturing. There is a custom main character and the details the unfold as you discover the story and advance into it are truly wonderful. The cutscenes are brilliantly done, of movie quality, and the dialog of the stormies and the other characters right on for its Star Wars humor and the way it moves the story along.




you must move thru complex and beutifully rendered Sky city interiors, the detail everywhere is crafted with the hand of a master....


there is plenty of action



and you are challenged by some very challenging movements you have to do, and tests and puzzles to solve.....




At one point you get to see the dinning room from the movie....and it seems very familar, this aids the immersion and really prepares you for the tour de force that follows...




the section you encounter early in the level set that really amazed me was a Mall, the Planet Mall, the architecture was splendid and the author has reallly let his imagination have free rein for there are not only challenges, fights and tasks, but you get to see some wonderful nuances, details, several cantinas that are very original, a real futuristic internet cafe, a use spaceship shop with some really funny models for sale....well, i wont spoil it, but you will really have fun....




you find that there is more going on that your initial mission implied and you face dangers that you had not guessed at the start....




one aspect i really enjoyed for i love the ships of SW, was a chance to fight your way onto an fully functioning and realized Imperial Shuttle, with a fully detailed and manned Control Cabin, the first I have had a chance to examine at close range...and i had a chance to see the amazing detail lavished on every aspect of this great Level set....




you get to see the famous paired air cars of the Sky city....




and you move thru a series of local changes, from tunnel to sky way, from dazzling views of the huge sky city exterior to intricatly rendered and beautifully crafted interior spaces....




.like this beautiful long Power Confluence Hallway.....where we had a chance to have a frank exchange of differing views with a Reborn....




another feature i really enjoy about this level set is the shift of chormatic theme as well as change of pace that the author achieves....this makes the progress thru the levels constantly new and interesting and keeps the player on his or her toes visually as well as involved in the game play...




this fine set of level is, I believe, one of the finest pieces of mod work for any of the SW games and is fully equal to if not better than the original game. You have the full effect: it starts with a text crawl and the theme music, the entire map set is framed with excellent totally professional cut scenes, fullly voiced and very well carried out, fine detailing in every aspect, full testing of the players skills and abilities and a thrilling and intriguing story line.


Some of the Climactic areas are just breath taking, as intended...and you can see the full scale that this game engine can achieve....nothing short of monumental in the hands of a master level maker....




and as always, all your choices...have consequences.... :)




LivingDeadJedi has truly achieved great things with this level set, and I hope you will play it soon.


This, along with some of the other fine mods, maps and levels makes up really what I think of as JK3...and if you have the chance to play this level set, i know you will find much to amaze you, to appreciate and to enjoy.

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I played Mace Windu Party Crasher and Nemesis of Katarn years ago. Some other good JO SP levels I have on my hard drive are:


Dash Rendar Resurgence

Escape from Takron-Galtos

Imperial Base Author: Jon Rowton

Nar Shaddaa once again! Author: May Michael

Spice Mines on Kessel Author: May Michael

Coruscant Underlevel Author: May Michael

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i put the files for this current mod right into the base folder (make sure to save your saves somehwere else if you put anything into the base)..but usually you put maps and mods into the GameData folder and run them as a mod or type in the map name using the console, you can open up the pk file to get the exact name if you need to or usually it is on a good comprehensive Read Me...or some map or mod packs come with a .bat to run them with.


ys good list there Ham, i am going to do all of them here soon :) Michael May is awesome, as is Dash Rendarwhich is by Mercenary, he is doing a new version of it for JKA, Escape from Takron Galton by Big Shirtless Ron is awesome, Imperial Base is one i have in my files, i will dig that out, thanks for the reminder....


another fine map for JKO by Mike May is Spice Mines on Kessel,



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Fantastic overview of nemesis of katarn chris.and great screenshots by the way.

Nemesis,has been one of my favorites from JO because livingdeadjedi wanted to really create cloud city but not just that he wanted to really explore cloud city and in this mod it shows how much he loves cloud city.

having the mod bridge the gap between JO and JKA was also very brilliant on the part of LDJ.everything is top notch the skyboxes the map ,the attention to details such as when you start the map the skies around cloud city are blue when you reach the end they are orange telling you that time of day is different.also taking us not just to the locales in the films but also many we hadnt seen before.

great sp mod by LDJ,i think ill go play it right now,thanks chris and thank you LDJ!

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