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Heavy Midnight


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Heavy Midnight


Year: 2010


Life is good for kids who love doing what they can to pass the time. Going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and not caring what others think of them.


But one young man, who's in love with Metal music, has secrets of his own. Being a creature of the Night. Being a Werewolf. But all he want is to live in peace among Humans and be the Metal music lover he is. He also wants friends, so that way he wouldn't have to feel lonely and left out in this World...


Meanwhile, a secret organization is in place. The Anti-Werewolf Organization (AWO) is led by a ruthless man named Conrad Stevenson. He has a bad attitude towards Werewolves. And he doesn't care whether they want to kill or not. Stevenson wants to rid them.




Sitting in Sonya's Autosleeper Harmony Hightop Campervan near the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center of Queens, New York, Moxie Stuart was staring out the window. Depressed and upset. Ever since her parent's death, it still bothered her. If only there was some way to feel better again...


"Hey, guys! Check it out! The next Type O Negative concert's out! And it's coming here in Queens! Tonight! At the Citi Field stadium!" Davy said, jumping inside the Camper van with excitement.


Moxie smiled. Well... at least she had her friends...


Her third friend, Rosalyn, came from the back, and smiled. "What time does it start?"


Davy replied, "At 8:00pm. Sharp! Best of all... bam!" He showed them four tickets to Type O Negative. "I made a bargain with this guy who was givin' them out. Man, this is so gonna be awesome!"


Yep. That was Davy. The genius of all genius. He was also good at computers and video games too. And had a high SAT test score.

Rosalyn was what you would call a fun, loving girl. She was always cheery, and always wanted to cheer Moxie and the gang up.

And Sonya, who called herself Cyber Gal, owned the Autosleeper Harmony Hightop Campervan. She was like a true leader. Making sure her friends were out of trouble, and most of all... she was like a sister to Moxie.


Sonya, who sat at the driver's seat, glanced back with a grin. "So... it's 7:20 now. You guys wanna get ready for it?"


"Sure thing!" Moxie said. "Let's get going."


All the friends yelled happily, and started the van. Then, they were off to the stadium.

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Ashtin Dezreil sat in his chair staring at the roaring fire in front of him. Letting out a sigh as he listened to the crackling and popping of the wood that was slowly turning to ashes before his sight. As he sat there his elbow sitting against the padded arm of the chair he rested his chin upon the back of his hand, his sight never leaving the fire. Ashtin could feel the reflection of the fire burn into his eyes and with that feeling a small subtle smile escaped from his lips.


"Hmm..." he whispered softly to himself "I'm bored and hungry. I suppose there is no way around it."


Uncrossing his legs his right foot came down heavy on to the hardwood floor. Sitting up out of the chair it made a noise as if to say it was glad the weight of his body was gone. He listened to the thuds of his boots making contact with the floor in this dark room as he walked towards the dimly light hallway. Once he reached the hall he stopped at the far wall that carried his block long coat and pulled on the straps of his gloves to tighten them. Ashtin pulled the straps and tied them back into place as his tongue ran along his lips as the expectation of a good meal.


Grabbing his coat he turned quickly to the door sliding his arms into the sleeves. He walked out onto the streets of Queens, New York and looked around. The smell of the air was filled with human filth, it was almost enough to make him vomit where he stood.


"Dude did you hear? The next concert of Type O Negative is playing at the Citi Field Stadium, Tonight!" a male voice said coming from a group of teenagers walking by.


Appearance wise Ashtin didn't look any older then the children that were walking passed his home. The news they unknowingly shared with him was quite pleasing to his taste buds.


"Looks like I'm heading to a buffet tonight" he said as a dark smile trailed over his lips. And with that he walked down his steps and headed towards his feast at the Stadium.

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(How close is it to a full moon right now?)


"Looks like I'm heading to a buffet tonight." Peter overheard as he watched from the alleyway. Damn vampires He thought. Though he always told himself he didn't care about humans, the thought of a vampire attacking all those people made his blood boil. He even made a point of never attacking humans in his wolf form outside of self defence, though in most situations, attacking vampires on sight.


Keeping his hands close to his guns, he quietly followed the vampire through the streets. It didn't look there'd be a full moon for a while, so he'd have to be careful.

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The day was darkening, and people began to fill the stadium, obviously here for the concert about to take place.


Conrad Stevenson was probably the only one in the large stadium who was not interested in the music. Frankly, he hated heavy metal or rock or whatever the heck this band was about.


But his prey, the supernatural, did. Not to mention the crowds made nice meals for some.


He was completely camouflaged in his position on top of one of the stadium's tall concrete walls. His gilly suit was patterned with a black and gray color scheme, and his face was painted gray with paint, making him seem like a small piece of foliage that had fallen off a nearby tree, and was now disintegrating on the concrete.


He lay completely still, eyeing every metalhead that walked into the stadium for a seat. He could recognize the supernatural pretty easily, but the gothic visage of most metalheads made things a little more difficult. Not that it matter to Conrad, he'd eliminate his targets...even if his observations were incorrect.


Quietly and carefully, he took a small black scope from his bag, peering through its green infra-red lenses. 'Vamps' turned up pretty quickly with infra-red, but anyother beast was a bit unpredictable.


But Conrad doubted he'd see any one those creatures here.


He'd vowed to vanquish every strange being he could find, and he would do just that this night.


He put the lense down and became still again, waiting for the right moment.

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((Don't find him at first CQ. I want him to be able to hide for a bit.))


Koran quietly snuck inside the stadium with the throngs of people to best avoid drawing attention to himself. He had learned that lesson the hard way.


I've had enough attention for a lifetime


He quietly moved off and found a good spot to sit as he waited for the music to begin.

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John Carmine was not captain of the football team nor was he a gothic kid. John Carmine was an average kid who was liked by mostly every kid in school. Perhaps it was his witty remarks or his cheery smile, or maybe it was just how easy going he was. It didn't matter who John was with, he always lifted everyone's spirits. It was one thing that bugged him more than anything. Its the reason he became the risk taker that he is today. Type O Negative was playing down at Citi Field Stadium and he had nothing better to do. He sped down the road in his blue mazda and rolled the windows down. As he went down the road he recognized the campervan of some friends of his. He quickly drove ahead of the van and made a sharp turn into the van's lane. He was driving backwards looking forwards at the van. He began to wave with one hand and drove with the other.


"Come on now Sonya, you and that portable home don't wanna be late to the concert now do ya! I'll make sure to save you kiddies some seats!" he yelled to them before spinning the car back around and taking off to the stadium.


Jericho stood before the crowd of humans. He had his black trenchcoat on with black pants and shirt. His boots and wrist guantlets were also black, and his matching hat and bandana were on him as well. The hunter dressed in all black was able to move surprisngly well through the crowd. He silently worked his way through the crowd until he was behind the human he was looking for. This man was the president of the AWO but was better known as Conrad Stevenson. Jericho moved next to him and looked through the crowd.


"You got anything? I have a feeling we've got some supernaturals here with us."

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"You got anything? I have a feeling we've got some supernaturals here with us."


Conrad didn't move a muscle.


"You'd feel that wouldn't you?"


Even Conrad knew that this sarcastic remark would offend any person like Jericho, but they were obedient enough to let it go. Not that Conrad really cared.


"Next time, just ask for a cross-com if you want to talk...walking next to my position doesn't improve the camouflage...."


Conrad saw promise in his right-hand man, but he also saw alot of weakness...and those weaknesses were why he couldn't trust him. But he still came in use.


"How about you keep an eye on the crowd from the gate...they'll be easier to spot from their. Wave your left hand to signal that you've spotted one."

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Vladimir was having coffee in a cafe' nearby as droves of teenagers went inside the stadium. He did not know why Conrad summoned him there, but whatever it was, it must've been important. He took another sip at his coffee, then brought out his cellphone. He dialed the number of Conrad. When he heard him answer, he said,

"Stevenson. What am I here for? Are there any werewolves around?"

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He was being followed that much Ashtin could sense. And the most annoying part of that to him was the fact that it wasn't a human at all. He continued to walk as if he didn't sense anything was wrong on the streets towards Citi Field Stadium. After a half hour of walking the Stadium was in sight, if his heart still beat, he wondered, it would be racing with anticipation. But first he had to lose his repulsive stalker.


Soon the crowd was thick with human children excited about the upcoming show by Type O Negative and he knew this was his time. But before Ashtin demonstrated his little disappearing act he looked over his shoulder towards his stalker and gave a grin. Ashtin stepped into the crowd of heavy teenagers and disappeared blending in as one of them. The smell all around him was some what euphoric and yet disgusting to him at the same time. But a meal was a mean no matter how repulsive it maybe.


Suddenly one of those humans bumped into him and fell down onto the ground. He stood there looking over the person and smiled a little. Shoulder length brunette hair, shimmering hazel eyes, and her face narrow but it wasn't unattractive to say the least. Holding out his hand to her, Ashtin helped her up onto her feet and gave one of his charming smiles.


"Geeze it took me having to bumped into you to find you." he said to her in an annoyed voice.


The girl looked at him confused for a moment before jumping up into the air and wrapping her arms around his neck. To have to make such contact with his race was disgusting to him but sometimes necessary to go after bigger targets. As they walked side by side he draped one arm over her shoulders to give the appearance that they happened to be boyfriend and girlfriend. As Ashtin continued to walk beside her he leaned in closer to her ear and whispered something that made her turn red with embarrassment. What he said was something to make his charm over her a little more stronger.


Once at the gate one of the employee's asked to see the tickets. The girl pulled out two tickets, they were scanned and they both were let in. He smiled slightly realizing how useful this particular human was. Realizing this he didn't take her someplace dark to finish her off but instead he removed his arm from her shoulder and briefly waved a hand over her face releasing her from the trance and disappeared into the crowd. This day was full of other morsals he could feed off of.

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Jericho simply responded to Conrad with a slight head nod and a tip of his hat. He began to make his way towards the gate when a familiar scent entered through his nostrils. He knew the smell of a vampire anywhere, after all he had been around hundreds of them as a child. As he inhaled a second time he caught the scent of another. He had grown to know what a werewolf's scent smelled like but unfortunatly it could also be a person's dog that someone brought with them. He looked around but he could not locate the vampire, werewolf, or dog for that matter. The crowds were far to flooded with humans for him to follow the scent. He turned around and waved over to Conrad. He held up two fingers to indicate how many thins he had "saw", he then followed up with a shoulder shrug to indicate he didn't know where they went. He then pointed to himself, and then to the top of the stadium. There would be no human distractions for him up there and he'd be able to locate the supernaturals with ease.


John Carmine parked his car and made his way to the main gate of the stadium. He knew he didn't have a ticket with him, and that was going to be the fun part of the night. He walked up to the man at the gate with a big grin on his face.


"Ticket please"


"Oh I don't need one."


"You do if you plan on getting in."


"Are you kidding me, do you know who I am?"


"No sir, no please move along."


"The drummer is my big brother, and if he finds out you didn't let me in to see him play tonight than you'll be sorry."


The employee was now silent as John pulled out his phone. He pretended to dial a number before putting it to his ear.


"Hey bro its me, I'm having some trouble getting in. Some bum out here..."


"Okay, okay you can go in."


"Thank you very much."


John walked through the main gate with an even bigger grin on his face. He found some seats and was able to trick some people to watching them for him. John walked back to the front gate and waited for whoever was from his school to walk up. He decided if he could get in for free, than so should everyone else.

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Yawning Thomas stood in the back stage area as the band was getting ready and the stadium was filling up. He knew that it would be another long night and that he would regret it in the morning.


At least his job as a roadie allowed him to watch there gigs and travel around with Type O Negative.


Adjusting his grey top he decided to do one last check of the wiring back stage before the band went on last he wanted was something to go wrong and he get the blame for it.


"Hey Joe, did you set up the lights like I told you" He called to another roadie making sure that nothing was forgotten.


"Yeah just as you told me to Tom" the roadie replied.

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"Come on now Sonya, you and that portable home don't wanna be late to the concert now do ya! I'll make sure to save you kiddies some seats!"


When the driver was gone, Sonya laughed out loud. Moxie came beside her. "Who was that?" she asked with a smile.


"Johnny! John Carmine! Man, that boy is crazy!" Sonya smiled brightly when John left.


Moments later...


The four teenagers were finally at the Type O Negative concert. Getting out of the Camper Van, Moxie and the gang strode off towards the front gate. "Oh man! I've been waitin' a long time to see these guys!" Davy said.


"Totally!" added Rosalyn.


Moxie was very glad to be among friends who wanted to have fun. It was this that made her feel open and outgoing...


Sonya placed a hand on Moxie's shoulder. "Maybe this'll be the time for you to find a cute guy, Moxie." She smiled.


The young girl glanced at Sonya and laughed. "Yeah. Right. Thanks for the newsflash." The two girls laughed.


Finally, the four friends were at the front gate. As they were giving the man their tickets, Sonya noticed John Carmine and smiled. Walking over to him, she folded her arms. "I see you made it, Johnny."


Moxie and her other two friends came over and smiled, greeting John.


((BTW, this is how Sonya, Davy, and Rosalyn looks:


Sonya (wears red eye contacts; she has blue eyes)


Rosalyn ))

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"I see you made it, Johnny."


John smiled as Sonya walked over. He gave her a wink as she came closer.


"And I see you guys actually had to pay to get in here. If I had seen you all sooner I could have gotten you in here for free. That dude over there thinks I'm related to the drummer."


John looked over as her other friends walked over.


"What's going on Davy? Rosalyn you're looking fantastic as always and who do we have here? Moxie right? the quiet girl in my math class? Well we'll have to fix that tonight, come on I got some people to watch our seats."


John walked back into the stadium and into the seats he had saved.


"Not bad huh?"

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"And I see you guys actually had to pay to get in here. If I had seen you all sooner I could have gotten you in here for free. That dude over there thinks I'm related to the drummer."


Sonya rolled her eyes and smiled. "Wow. Where have I heard that one?" she chuckled.


Moxie smiled. Yep, this was John. The kid who could get himself into and out of things. He was also in her math class. Guess he figured that she didn't talk much nor raised her hand, because she might think people would make fun of her.


"I'll try my best to get outta my shell," Moxie said.


Going in the stadium, they could see they had the best seats.


"Not bad huh?"


Moxie and the others grinned, shaking their heads. "Not bad at all," Moxie replied.

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The blood that was pouring into Ashtin's mouth made was almost satisfying if it wasn't for the fact it tasted like the person was on something stronger then they could handle. But the thing he enjoyed most was the sense of they're life draining away slowly as every drop of they're blood was released from the body. And with a slow snap of the neck the person fell to the ground lifeless in it's entirety.


Slowly Ashtin looked over the female body with slight satisfaction as he rid the human race of another abomination. He new finding one with pure blood would be a rare delicacy one to treasure if ever found. Taking a step back a beam of moon light struck his face as his tongue ran along his lips taking up the remaining drops of blood.


"Hopefully your fellow humans won't taste has horrible" he muttered to himself.


With a swift turn he stuck his hands in his pockets and walked straight ahead of him, his crimson eyes scanning for his next target. To cover his tracks however he used a little trick he learned a while back. A brief snap of his fingers made the body he left behind decay ten times faster then normal, making it almost impossible to identify who it was, and how the person died.


Passing the a group of kids he scanned over them briefly and caught the name " Moxie". Grinning a little he wondered if stalking that girl would be entertaining, or if he would be in for a great disappointment. He stopped several feet away from the group and followed them once they started moving again. To his luck the girl he had charmed earlier was sitting right behind him, and with a quick smile to her he turned his charm over her back on and took his seat right next to her watching his new toy fondly.

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"Not bad at all,"


"Well I'm glad you approve." John said with a smile.


He took his seat and put his feet up. Not only had he gotten into this place for free but he got the bests seats as well. It really did pay to be the drummer's brother. This made John laugh to himself.


"So what's up with you guys? Got anything planned after this?"


Jericho moved past a group of teens at the front gate. He made sure no one was looking as he jumped to a pole. He began to climb until he had a good view of the stadium from up high. He took off his red sunglasses and let his eyes scout out for the supernatural. In the crowds he could no clearly see where the vampire was. He smiled to himself as he put his sunglasses back on.


Soon vampire, soon he thought to himself.

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"So what's up with you guys? Got anything planned after this?"


Sitting next to John, Sonya grinned. "Well, we might go down to the Unisphere in the Flushing Meadows Park. It's really nice down there at night. Been there before many times."


Moxie smiled warmly, after Sonya mentioned about the Unisphere. It was nice there, during the nights. It was like a peaceful sanctuary for her. But right now, she would focus on the concert.


Suddenly, the lights in the stadium dimmed. All the fans of Type O Negative shouted out with excitement.


"Are you guys ready to rock?!!" the lead singer shouted on the stage of the baseball field.


"YEEEEAAAH!!!" Everybody shouted.


The lead singer, Peter Steele, stepped into the spotlight, holding his guitar. "Then let's rock this place OUUUUT!!!"


The band started to play, once different colors of light brighten everything. Once the lead singer sung, Moxie and everyone in the stadium, stood up and started to dance.


"This is awesome! Wooah!!" Moxie yelled, raising her fist and banged her head. The others were glad she was becoming joyfully.

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Koran's head slowly turned toward a "man" who was sitting near a group of girls.


That man...he has the smell of blood on him...fresh blood. He feels different...something I have not felt in a long time. Vampire perhaps? Yes...definetly a vampire.


Although Koran didn't really care for humans he cared for Vamprires even less and took the opportunity to kill them whenever he could.


He looked up into the sky to see an almost full moon.


I need to get out of here. But I can't leave that vampire here, he'll cause too much trouble if he's left here alone.

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Ashtin stood up with the crowd of people, his ears started to ring in discomfort with the singing of the lead singer. How can they call this music? Stupid humans , he thought to himself. His attention was more on the girl with her fist raised enjoying the music much like the rest of her filthy species. With a slight grin he leaned in close to the girl Moxie and softly placed his left hand on her shoulder.


Whispering softly into her ear "Enjoying the music?" Ashtin was using some of his charm on the girl in hopes of luring her away.


He could sense that he was being watched, the smell in the air gave them away but he wasn't going to worry about them until he had to.


"I know something that you would enjoy greatly my dear." he continued whispering into her ear smiling at her.

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"Enjoying the music?"


Moxie suddenly calmed down, when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. The voice behind her somehow sounded... luring.


"I know something that you would enjoy greatly my dear."


The young girl slowly turned to see a young man behind her. He looked very mysterious. Moxie smiled nervously. "Uhm... what would I enjoy better?"

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Conrad saw the vamp before his infra-red scope caught him.


The concert had already started...and one vampire was seemingly making advances on a young female metalhead, perhaps a student by the looks of it.




He moved quickly, pulling up his specially modified rifle with silencer, loaded with custom bolt rounds. He slammed its butt into his shoulder and took aim, controlling his breathing as he leveled the sights with the vampire.


Suddenly, he noticed the wind had changed, it had increased. It would render the bolt round ineffective at the speed it was rising, he needed to wait.


Conrad growled and settled to wait a little bit longer.


The sights were still set on the vampire.

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Ashtin stood up straighter and smiled at Moxie the tips of his fingers slowly traveling down her soft cheek. He moved his head as a sign for her to follow him to a safer area. Apparently he picked a wrong day for a feast. But an opportunity passed is an opportunity wasted he believed. Nudging his way to the stair ridden isle he walked up to underneath the platform towards the bathrooms and leaned against the wall waiting for his possibly next meal, or his bargining ticket.


"I wonder if they would be willing to put an innocent victim in harms way just to kill me." he whispered to himself. He made sure he kept his senses alert for any up coming attack, if they believed him unaware of they're presence it would be the biggest mistake of they're lives, and possible they're last.

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Getting into the stadium undetected was a hassle, but Peter had his ways to sneak through. He was able to pick up the vampire's scent and carefully made his way through the crowd, being as inconspicuous as possible. Right behind the vampire, he then revealed himself, and held one of his Walther P99's to his back. "I know what you are, and you know what I am. Now let's leave the humans out of this." He said, hoping to avoid open confrontation, even though the gunshot wouldn't be heard over the music.

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((I'm gonna call it the night, guys. See ya tomorrow! Don't post away without me. :) ))


Moxie began to follow the mysterious young man. When she finally, spotted him, she smiled. But before she came really close to him, another man came up.


"I know what you are, and you know what I am. Now let's leave the humans out of this."


Moxie gasped with fear. He had a gun! "Don't scream, girl, don't scream..." The young girl thought to herself, bitting her lower lip nervously. She stared at both the man and the mysterious young man.

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Ashtin stood still feeling the barrel of a gun against his back. This wasn't really the situation he wanted to be stuck in but he was pretty good at improvising. Figuring the human female should be here shortly he waited nothing moving only to speak to the pathetic dog.


A laugh starts to form in the back of his throat "You honestly believe I would care about these humans. These humans who'd hunt mine and your kind just to destroy us with out any mercy. They must have you very obedient you stupid dog."


He could smell the human girl getting closer, Ashtin could help but smile at her presence. She would be his ticket out of here and away from the smelly beast trying to act tough. Once she was closer he quickly turned around and grabbed the mans arm pulling him closer then throwing him across the hall. While the man was airborn Ashtin ran towards Moxie and grabbed her, wrapping one arm around her throat and another around her waist.


"So tell me dog how much does life mean to you?" he said to the man as he slowly moved the tip of his nose down Moxie's neck acting as if he was about to bite her.

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