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A League Of Their Own

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Gallion, the once peaceful city that now bleeds corruption. The mayor of the town has requested help for what he's calling a "supernatural disturbance". We sent a small squad to deal with this problem...however they haven't responded. So now we're sending you (Insert Name) to tackle this problem. We've seen your abilities before and we know you can handle this situation. Your mission is simple, stop whatever this "supernatural problem" is and locate our missing squad. We know you can do this (Insert Name), Good Luck!


Charles Hayter, Director of the U.E.D


Anthony Darson read the letter one more time and laughed at it. He looked up at this so called peaceful city and laughed a second time. All he could see were buildings, no residents just buildings. He had arrived in the city an hour ago thanks to his built in jet boots and he still couldn't find anyone. Did the mayor of this town evacuate the entire city?


"Must be quite the problem," he said to himself as he activated his jet boots again.

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Flying over the city of Gallion was a hawk, but this was no ordinary hawk. This hawk happened to be Alex Corbin, a nature raised human that became specially gifted some would say. The city below his site looked vacant, empty, lifeless he could barley sense the presence of animals around. What he could make out were a few rats, and mice scurrying around looking for scraps of what ever they could find. Flying down closer to one of the buildings he perched himself on a ledge of a building and looked around.


The letter he received mysteriously enough was memorized into his head. This was the place where he was asked to help. But to help what? and who? more precisely. This place was giving out odd vibes, and most of them did not sit well with him. Alex stayed perched on the building ledges and stretched out one wing and glided his beak through the feathers cleaning them.

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Mark Smith read the letter he had received, and looked out over the city he had been directed to go to. He did have to wonder what had happened - the city was pretty much deserted, and there wasn't even a criminal to be found.


I must have ate something, or the mayor must be smoking something, Smith thought with mild bemusement, and formed platforms of light that he then stepped on and caused the platforms to float himself across the city. Something very odd was going on.

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Brason Demarchia was sitting at home, trying to get his thoughts flowing again. The only thing that ever really kept Destrudo at bay was his own inventions that prevented the use of any power. And as long as Brason could remain in control. He had to be careful not to get mad at anything, otherwise the entire world might be devoured in Destrudo's wrath. It was very much a curse that he carried with him. He had some how managed to defeat the demon on the Celestial Tundra when he was five, however he believed that it was the demon's will to be defeated, because he had always been a part of his mind. He grimaced slightly and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes had slowly started changing colors and so Brason had to regain control of his mind... and the easiest way to do that was to fly.


Brason headed out the door and pressed a button that he had attatched to his right forearm. His entire body was encased in his hero suit and he allowed his mind to roam free, gripping is wrists and feet in his mind. He lifted them up off the ground, smiling as everyone started getting smaller and smaller until they all seemed to appear to be ants. His mind relaxed slowly and he could feel a wave of calm wash over him as he slowly glided through the air.

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Anthony deactivated his jet boots a second time. He had stopped at a park because he noticed what looked like another human being walking around. Anthony approached the man who appeared to be walking aimlessly.


"Excuse me," Anthony called out to him.


The man ignored Anthony and continued walking around. Anthony placed his hand on the man's shoulder and spun him around. The man's eyes were wide open and seemed to never blink. Anthony released his grip and backed away from the man who continued about his business.

There's definitely something strange going on here, the question is what's causing this?

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Zeron looked over the city from the top of a building with an expression that almost resembled joy. Although no one could see it due to the fact that the mask he wore allowed no one, not even his own henchmen could see his face.


Finally...A new area to set up operations in. No more Shade to interfere in my operations and possible new recruits.


One of his henchmen walked up behind him and nervously saluted him. "Sir. We have scouted out the immediate area and have found that there is...something wrong with most of the population here. They wander around the city almost as if they are in a daze."




"Thats all we know right now sir. We plan to capture one of the citizens as soon as we establish a base of operations and examine the test subject."


"Good. You are dismissed."


The henchman nervously saluted again and ran down the stairs as Zeron continued to look over the city. There was something wrong here. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to establish a base of operations here.


He turned away from the view of the city and began his descent down the stairs into the building.





Shade watched the clouds pass by the window as personal jet continued on it's way to Gallion city. That was where her nemesis had fled after their last battle and it was there that she hopefully be able to finally capture him.


It's a faint hope...but this time both he and I will be in unfamiliar territory. Maybe this time I'll finally get him.

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Alex also known as wolf flew off from the buildings ledge and glided down towards the ground and turned into an acutal black wolf with bright yellow eyes and started running. Since he had gotten an airial view of the city it was now time to get a more eye ground view of it. Wolf enjoyed being in this form the most, since at a very young age he was raised by wolves and grown to consider animal life more family that any human could be. As he continued to run around on the streets of the city he spotted a citizen.


This citizen was walking like they're mind was no longer they'res. Like some inner desire now controlled them and they'd do anything for that desire. What was strange to him is that this person didn't even notice Wolf as he walked on all fours passed her. Turning around slightly he watched as the lady continued to walk down the street.


This makes two signs that something is very wrong with this place. I don't like it. he thought to himself before continuing his search of the city.

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Mantis crouched , perched on a building ledge, looking at the roof of the building he was on. Yes, that's right, he wasn't looking over the vast empty vista of the metropolis, he was backwards, staring at the building he was perched on. But he didn't do this out of his own stupidity, by far, his own stupidity wasn't that stupid. He was staring at someone, something, that was aimlessly wandering about like a zombie, only far less interested in your brain.


The person approached Mantis slowly, wandering forward until Mantis produced a hand, which produced a finger, which he then used to stop the person as they came into contact with it. The person remained in one place, but proceeded to keep moving forward, aimlessly, thoughtlessly. Mantis cocked his head to the side in curiosity, still holding the person in place with his finger, as he studied their blank, stupid expression.


"You're supposed to say: 'BRAAAINNNZZZ'! Okay? Say it with me: 'BRAAAAAIIIINNNZZZ'!......Hm? Not working," he stated, straightening his head.


"Well, the mayor must have serious issues with surgical malpractice in Gallion, 'cause it's got nothing to do with the living dead, that's for sure!" Mantis spoke into the air.


Well, better get this guy down, before he stumbles over the edge," Mantis said, grabbing the man, and jumping down to the streets below, setting him down, he waved as he wandered off.


"Go, be free, join others of your kind," he joked, as he turned around, and crouching down he jumped, soaring into the air like an eagle! Then after the laws of physics kicked in, he began to descend; then he rinsed, lathered, and repeated. Although he had no flight, he could jump great distances, and from what he could see when he did get airborne, the city was, well, like all the other guys have quite obviously said above, abandoned, excluding a few wandering lobotomy patients, there was nothing.


Mantis took another leap, lifting into the air he looked about quickly, before landing as gracefully as he could. Looking up, he saw a man in armor, and another lobotomy patient wandering about not too far away. Mantis stood up, and remarked to the armored man facing away from him, "So, you enjoying the sights, or staying out of malpractice lawsuits by lobotomizing the lawyers?"


Mantis made no moves, but he was cautious, he didn't know whether the fellow in the armor was causing the aimless wanderers or not, but he wasn't taking chances.


((Sorry if you didn't want to come into contact with anyone yet Cyborg. I'll edit the post accordingly, if necessary.))

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Blackhawk glid through the skyscrapers of the city, noticing the lack people, vehicles, or even artificial light. This must be bad, if the whole city has been evacuated. He thought. He spotted two others like him in a park, along with what appeared to be an ordinary citizen and and went in for a landing.


"Woo!" Captain Crowbar shouted as he ran through the streets, whacking anything in his path with his crowbars.He was loving this, an empty city, noone to get the way of his crowbars. Until he ran into someone, seemingly a civilian, and couldn't help but take a whack at him. However, there appeared to be no reaction, and even someone as insane as Captain Crowbar could tell that something was off.

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Your mission is simple, stop whatever this "supernatural problem" is and locate our missing squad. We know you can do this Vengeance, Good Luck!


Reading the letter that he received about Gallion before putting on his mask whose eyes glowed an eerie red colour illuminating the skull motif on it. He then raised his hood to cover his white hair from being visible from the back of the mask.


Supernatural Problems are my speciality he thought as he drew his Scythe from what he could only describe as a spiritual plane of existence the same place as he had struck that deal to seek out injustice as Vengeance.


Before he died he would never been seen dead in this angel of death getup but as a super hero a little bit of a fear never hindered him in his fight against his enemy's.


I hope no one mistakes me for a villain again he though as he phased straight through the wall of his apartment and set off for Gallion.

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((Odd, I thought I posted))


Anthony continued to stare at the man as he continued walking without a path. The one person he actually finds and of course the guy is some type of mindless wonder.

"So, you enjoying the sights, or staying out of malpractice lawsuits by lobotomizing the lawyers?"


Anthony chuckled at the man's statement and slowly turned around to face him. He stared at the man for a few seconds after noticing his bug based costume. If he had to guess he'd say it was either based off an Ant or a Mantis.


"I'm here to fix a problem this town is having. Now judging by your outfit I'm thinking you're here for the same reason, or you're responsible for this."

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Erebus floated among the clouds, looking down at the so called metropolis of Gallion city below him from a birdseye view. Not a single human in sight. As far as he knew, there was no curfew that took place - the buildings and skyscrapers were completely hollow of life... uninhabited.


He continued to soar through the sky. There was definatly no curfew. Nor any evacuation. Erebus was well informed, but obviously not to this extent if his contacts have been effected by whatever has occured.


Suddenly, he spotted something in the distance. Something soaring through the night sky ((is it night time? i'll edit if otherwise)). Even through the darkness, he could see a man darker than the night. He flew using what appeared to be jet-propelled boots. He made a landing on a building. Erebus kept his distance; he wasnt open to making any allies yet until he knew what was going on.


He followed the man to the park, where soon more peculiar individuals turned up. He his within the shadows of the upper buildings, and watched the scene below.

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As Smith was floating around the city, he noticed several oddly dressed individuals - though he himself did admit that his clothing was a bit odd as well - gathering in a park area. He floated down towards the group, but did not get off the light platforms, just in case he needed to make a break for it.


"So, what brings you guys here?" Smith asked, curious to see why other had come.

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((Its 3pm currently, sorry about the lack of adding that I should have posted it was daylight somewhere.))


"So, what brings you guys here?"


Anthony turned to face the second new comer of the night. Three men in costumes, all in the same area? They all had to be here for the same reason, they just had to be. He saw two others but he couldn't help but feel like there were more as well.


"I'm Titan, I'm here because the UED asked for my help and you are?" he finally said to him.

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((Sorry about the delay))


"I'm Titan, I'm here because the UED asked for my help and you are?"


"My name is Candlelight," Smith responded. "And I'm here for pretty much the same reason." He allowed his platforms to dissipate, seeing how he was talking to a friendly. "Do you have any idea what's going on? This place is almost deserted."

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Anthony nodded over to Candlelight as he introduced himself.


"Do you have any idea what's going on? This place is almost deserted."


Anthony shook his head at the question.


"I wish I knew, if I did I could at least begin to try to figure out what's causing all of this. What about you Bug Man, do you have a clue what's going on?"

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Mantis' antennae wiggled a bit as he listened to the conversation, and his head twitched when Titan asked him, "What about you Bug Man, do you have a clue what's going on?"


"For the record, I'm Mantis. As for the situation at hand I'd have to say that this city has serious issues with their brain surgeons, and if that's not it, then no, no clue whatsoever," he responded, rubbing his arm and looking about.


The fact that there were multiple heroes showing up in one area, and no explanation to the situation at hand, even from those who contacted them, did not sit well with Mantis. He felt very uncomfortable, and it wasn't because of the other two nearby, something was just...wrong, and he didn't like it.

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Zeon was watching the city once again. The base of operations had been set up and his henchmen were out attempting to capture one of the citizens. All was going according to plan.


His train of thought was interupted by yet another henchmen coming up to him.


"Sir..we have managed to capture one of the citizens. But we can't seem to find anything wrong with them."


Zeron turned to the henchman and looked down at him.


"Continue researching it. Gather all available data from the citizen and once all the data has been gathered release it back into the city with a tracking device. I want it's every movement tracked.


"As you command sir."


Zeron was about to turn back around to observe the city when the henchman spoke up again.


"There is something else sir. We have been noticing that there seem to be quite a few heroes gathering in the city. We have background checks going on them as we speak."


"You have something else to say?"


"Yes sir...it's Shade. Her jet has been reported entering the airspace above the city. I believe that she's found us sir."


"Dispatch two fighter jets to take her down. She's more vulnerable in the air then she is on the ground. You are dismissed."


The henchman nodded once, spoke into a communicator and then turned back toward the stairs. Zeron watched as two fighter jets screamed by overhead and smiled.

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“Dilated eyesight, limited motor functioning, and a possible lack of general awareness, or simply a lack of ability to display such awareness.” Meta commented to himself as he examined one of the mindless citizens. Meta spent long periods of time alone and talking to himself helped him think. He still had to maintain his voice modulator as well practice his sound interpretation, and a person that is in their right mind might hear him. “A lobotomy possible, but unlikely. It is more than likely that this is the administration of a psychotropic drug, possibly airborne or in the water supply. They cannot have been like this for long, otherwise these people would be suffering from malnutrition. Plus mindlessly wandering still takes energy and these people cannot walk forever.”


Meta patted the citizen he was examining on the head and shooed him off. He walked to the edge of the building he had climbed to observe the city and searched the view, hoping to see something different this time. Meta did see something different this time. Focusing his sight, he noted that a group of people were gathering in an open area right below him. Not the best place in his opinion, exposed to whatever could have possibly rendered this city quiet, and the fact that two fighter planes flew over him in that instance reinforced his belief. They also caused him to lose his balance and fall off of the building.


At first Meta's fall was broken by a conveniently placed catwalk, which not-so-conveniently was rusted to the bone and broke under his weight a moment later. Then he manged to grab a leg, which was crumbling from age and crumbled fully at that moment. On the rest of the way down, he managed to hit and fall off of every possible, and in his opinion evil, ledge he could until he flatly on his back. Meta laid flat on his back for a moment, regaining his sense of balance, before getting up and dusting off his clothes, goggles, hat, and weapon, none of which had been jarred loose or fallen off.


“For the record, that is not my ideal entrance. My ideal entrance is walking, or maybe running, but never falling. I don't like burning that much, but that mainly depends on my mood.” Meta commented as he walked up to the forming group. “That all being said, I also don't like being out in the open in a dead city when jets are flying about and people in funny costumes are making big targets of themselves. So I am going to into some random alley or building, where I'm less likely to be watched, and you can follow me if you want.”

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Erebus continued to watch from the shadows, at the oddly dressed individuals gathered around and introduced themselves.


"...what is this, a freak convention?" he muttered under his breath. He flew away, towards one of the tall skyscrapers overlooking the city. None of this made any sense. This city was dead, save for a few strangers gathered together.


Suddenly, he heard the screaming engines of two fighter jets up ahead. This brought great interest to Erebus; something was definatly not right, if somebody had sent two firebirds into the city.


He soared through the sky, cold wind breezing against his face as he pursued the Fighter Jets.

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"Lady Shade! We're under attack!" The pilot's panicked voice came from the front of the plane


Shade's head snapped up and she began to instantly issue orders, despite the fact that she had been fast asleep only a moment ago.


"Begin evasive manuvers." She said calmly as the plane banked sharply to the right and then to the left. "What do we know of our attackers?"


"The jets bear the mark of Zeron. He must have found out that we were entering the area and is trying to take us out before we hit the ground."


Zeron...I will admit it. He has chosen the worst time to attack. The jet is unarmed.


"Continue with evasive manuvers and began broadcasting a distress call on all frequencies. Hopefully someone will pick it up and help us out."

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Vengeance arrived on the outskirts of Gallion after the long trip (Sorry had exams.)


Floating is not flying, I really need to find a faster way of travelling! he thought to himself as he landed on the roof of what appeared to be an old abandoned warehouse.


Adjusting his cape and costume he took a moment of respite letting the cool night air blow in his face before putting on his skull motif mask again.


Proceeding to the centre of city he saw what appeared to be an aerial dogfight going on overhead from the looks of it was a small private jet, hotly pursued by two fighters and another much smaller figure pursuing them.


Looks like fun. Removing his tattered cape he wrapped it around his Scythe


If there is no shadows in the sky, I'll have to make one! Using his spiritual energy he threw his scythe up into the night sky.


His cape opened up creating a shadow against the moon big enough for him to teleport to.


He then opened up a psychic communication line with figure following the jets who appeared to be flying unaided.

"Do you require any assistance?"

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"Do you require any assistance?"


Erebus was suddenly disturbed during his pursuit. He thought he heard a voice in his head. It was too synthesised to be imagined in within his head. He felt a sudden connection with his mind to another, in a non-controlling matter. Not too mention, he sensed the presence of another's energy levels close by; and it was quite powerful.


There could be one explanation; there was another Psion near by. He began forming words within his mind and sent a reply while continuing on course towards the fighter jets.


"It depends whos side are you on really. I'm meerly on a hunch. Do you know whats going on here in the city?

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"It depends whos side are you on really. I'm meerly on a hunch. Do you know whats going on here in the city?"


Vengeance paused for a second feeling the resonance from the reply by the unknown figure in black, a type of resonance that could only be caused by another psionic beings mental thoughts.


How do I end up getting involved in these things? he wondered to himself.


"Despite my appearance I am here to help, as for what is going on in the city your guess is as good as mine..." He replied as he pursued the person and the fighters.


"Saving an unarmed jet from two fighters appears to be a good place to start." Increasing his speed he floated along side this black clothed person.


"I am Vengeance. Vengeance is mine, I will repay."


(Phantom Knight, feel free to control Vengeance for the dog-fight if you want.)

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((Nah, its fine. There are two Fighter Jets there, so one for each of us :) Thanks anyway))


"Saving an unarmed jet from two fighters appears to be a good place to start."


Erebus gave it some thought. "You do raise a good point.". He looked next to him, and saw the intimidating figure, soaring through the sky along side him. He was dressed like a Grim Reaper, bearing a Skull-like mask and a large Scythe. It didnt seem very unusual to Erebus, because he himself encountered many people with supernatural abilities.


"I am Vengeance. Vengeance is mine, I will repay." The Grimreaper spoke to him outloud. Erebus powered up full speed ahead. He grabbed the hilt of his Sword sheathed to his back, readying to pull it out..


He managed to get behind one of the Fighter jets, avoiding the powerful exhaust breathing a powerful torch flame. Erebus charged his Psionic Powers and focussed them in his hand. He flew directly above the jet and started the dog fight by throwing a splash of purple energy along the armor of the plane that caused a grooved dint.

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