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Well we have no need for new mods... this place as a whole isn't what it used to be. You want to become a mod? Get us a lot more people posting on LF regularly, specifically in the TOR forums.


Yeah, this entire site really has issues if the TOR forums can't work... Since that's the only real Star Wars game action going on these days. Possibly for a while.


Side note: Over Christmas I finally bought a whole bunch of Star Wars games on sale on Steam for dirt cheap. Since I previously lost my entire collection, this made me pretty happy. But still no Rogue Squadron... :( Need to purchase that used at some point. But these older non-Steam games are pricey.


Scar: You would be a brony ;P

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i miss swg. the last star wars game i played was force unleashed 2. enjoyed the hell out of it, still...gotta run through it a couple more times for the achievements. nothing beats kotor 1 & 2 though...or SWG (imo) i miss playing as kioet. :( figures they'd slam it down not even a week after i return from osut. *******s. :mad:


ill be able to afford tor a year from october.


the old world had better start getting ready for me. mwahahaha

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I just found this.


I don't know what it is.


But I think I like it.




Edit: Ok, the movie of course has good points. But overall, no. The girl is a good actor. But the story is so ridiculously implausible. I mean, apart from another planet earth just popping out of nowhere next to us.

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*looks around and comes in silently*


Hey guys and gals... an old face has returned under a different name... forget my mail addy I used to register with.. but I used to be Jedi Skywalker... lol...


Well.. 2013 been a busy year till now and I hope to be able to play Star Wars: Old Republic soon.. when I can find out if my laptop is good enough... lol..


Later guys!

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