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Neutral or no?  

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If another KotOR game was to come out, would you guys like to have a new "moral-affiliation?" In KotOR 1 and 2 there was light and dark, but indirectly in the game - I say indirectly because you can make neutral choices, but you gain no light-dark shifts - there was no neutral, or gray.


So is having neutral a plus? Or would it make the game unnecessarily convoluted?

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Do you get extra stuff from starting out neutral?


I always thought you would get extra stuff from maintaining neutrality. Perhaps wisdom from experiencing both sides? Ionno.


Well in KotOR II if you do actually manage to stay neutral well into the game your companions actually take note of it, which is pretty interesting.


Really? O.O How exactly do your party members react?

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I think that it would be unnecessary, and really wouldn't make sense. You don't get points for staying on the fence, and you also have to have somewhere to start. Do you get extra stuff from starting out neutral?


I disagree. I think a neutral or third path would be an interesting feature, and would certainly make for more ways to play the game (or replay it).

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And triggering Nihilus' introduction takes longer. Obsidian really didn't want you to remain neutral. I can see why considering the game design, I guess.


But two recurring themes were that everyone sees Jedi and Sith as the same, and the True Sith are so bad that both sides will want to destroy them, and may need to join forces to do so. So I'd say neutral could bring an interesting perspective. Kreia was neutral and she got to be a powerful Force user. :carms:

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In K2 you can keep your alignment gray/neutral, but so far as content you are still forced to choose one way or another at the end of each planet. Or else the game does not go an further.


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Korriban and Peragus are the only places where it makes no difference.


Telos you must choose either to let the ithorians restore its surface or to let czerka raid it and let the planet continue to be wasteland.


Nar Shaddah you must choose to either liberate the refugees and destablize the economy in the area dependent on slavery and mercenary activity iirc. OR you can allow either Visquis to continue imposing and ruling over the sector with an iron fist, or topple visquis and allow the Serocco gang in the area to rule.


Dantooine either allow the mercenaries to take over or fight them off to their bitter deaths.


Dxun/Iziz either you help queen Talia win the war or you tip it in favor of general Vaklu to take over.


The matter of the Jedi masters, either you reunite them or you kill them off.




The matter of your teammates is dependent on your alignment if not your actions. I've gone through it and gotten nill influence and it only slightly changed the outcomes in Kreia's final prediction.


The end game sequence and the ending is determined by your actions. The fate of the jedi determines the end cutscenes, while your actions on the planets determine the rest of Kreia's final predictions.

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