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The One Year Thread 2015: The Forum Awakens

Keyan Farlander

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no lol well my and my buddies went hiking and i took her along...and my buddy decides to take some pictures of us ad he posted one on facebook...and he's friends with my mom on there too, so she obviously saw it and since i haven't told her i'm dating anyone (i like to wait a month at minimum before i get them all up in my ****ing business, worrisome parents are the best!) so what does she message me on facebook?


I saw pictures on Jeremy posted...i love it over there ..went with Tamara and Matt back in 2009


It would be pretty in the fall. Is that woman someone's mom?


like cmon, can't you say something that doesn't make me feel awkward as ****?


don't know if i should tell her i'm dating her right now (only been a little over a week), or just let her wonder.

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The clog is still there, the disposal is toast, and I have to leave for work today by noon.


I told mom to find a plumber who can unclog the pipes, remove the disposal, and install a new drain in that side of the sink. I don't think we'll bother replacing the disposal. It's really been nothing but problems.

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My workplace is slowly falling apart. Next year I bet 20+ people walk off the job due to having to work overtime because the Managers cannot keep people around nor pay them enough to be competitive and the overtime sucks our productivity and efficiency.


since May I have had at least 6 hours of overtime every week except one. and the one week i didn't was because of one Manager not being around to decree the overtime.


What is so stupid is that there is a system set up for "outs" that is if someone ordered something and we didn't have it in stock. As soon as it is received, and the store has an order for the day, the "Priority" gets added on, and i have to go to the receiving dock, find the item, and then get it to the stocking area so the stockers can fill the bin, then the exceptions person fill the exceptions. sometimes that is a hours worth of work, for a 10 cent screwdriver bit that HAS to get out to that store right away.

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whelp, me and my date are through. we walked around our local hotspot and just talked.


she got the idea, from that talk, that we really weren't compatible. I wonder why...


Oh, I work in the IT feild. For the past 7 months or so, I've been asking for a basic laptop to take out in the field. That way, when I config a router, or test a network connection, I don't have to monopolize someones computer to do it.


We Got a couple of crappy laptops in, and I managed to fix one up for my field use. 32 bit win 7 pro, 2 gigs of ram, 320 gig hard drive, dual core processor. we needed to order a new battery, and the hard drive is a spare from the office, but it works! I asked them or order a couple 2 gig sticks or RAM as well, we'll see if they do or not.

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Dismissed at 11:30.


Yay... I can work tonight. :rolleyes:


Hopefully I can get at least an hour or two nap before I have to go mix 11 back to back unrelated high-school bands.


Somebody better poke me when the show is over. I'll probably be passed out, slumped over, and drooling on the console by then.

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I've been forked over getting jobs for friends, so now when my boss asks if I know anyone who can cook, I say NO...I only know people who can burn food and argue with the waitress. :dozey: All my friends are douchebags.


Random question; does FTW mean 'Frack the world' (or something very close to that) or 'For the win?' Both interpretations seem to be in use. Allow me to propose some additional meanings for this bit of web-speak.


First the whale.


Fierce tan whitey


Fine tight women


Fresh toast wasteage


French tassel weirdo


Fire takes Washington


:max: And my favorite...Fast time Willy.

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Been branching out into Burbons from whiskys. Favorite at the moment is Woodford Reserve. Serve it in a tumbler with an ice ball.


Oh, hell yea. I hate Broadway musicals also. I rather see a play, then have half the play taken up my non-nonsensical exposition song. I also hate Disney movies for the same reason.


Chicago is the one exception. Nothing wrong with seeing scantly clad ladies doing performances.

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I hate everything.
no no no... That would be IHE...


We are looking for FTW... Doesn't quite work.




I can tell you this: there's nothing like working at a music college during final performance week for about 2,000 high-school aged musicians to REALLY MAKE YOU HATE MUSIC!!! :mad:


Unfortunately, I can now only visualize you thusly:


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