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The One Year Thread 2015: The Forum Awakens

Keyan Farlander

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Slappy Newt Ears!


Can't argue with that.


...And I would sound crazy if I tried. :D


So long to Lucasforums. It strarted for me last century, when my girlfriend bought Rogue Squadron and suggested I could find cheat codes online. I started as imladil at Roguesquadron.net, a few months later registering as Zoom Rabbit at the Jediknight.net forums. It was only later that we all wound up in this big fish tank of Star Wars game forums called Lucasforums. All good things, though, must pass...




Let's start over, shall we? :max:

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Yeah, the Cantina seems the best forum fit for a new one-year thread


Looks like we nearly reached 1,900 posts. As for the new movie, I haven't even seen it yet. Was hoping to get together with my local FanForce for it, but we probably barely exist as a group now.


I'll wait for the new thread to post about how my New Year started.

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