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DREAMM 3.0 beta testing now

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DREAMM 3.0b2 is now available to fix a few key issues from the first beta. First item is particularly important due to shuffling of game IDs: you will want to let DREAMM re-verify your games if you're coming from a 2.x version!




New in 3.0b2:

* Fixed version check so you are once again prompted after upgrading to scan folders

* Fixed standalone mode

* Fixed black levels in basic and epx OpenGL shaders

* Improved preset matching for sound fonts

* You can now track new versions via RSS at https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/version.xml

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Just released DREAMM 3.0b3:




New in 3.0b3:
* Fixed bug where changes to file dates would not stick sometimes
   - This can affect updaters, so if you're having trouble upgrading, say, TIE Fighter, you should reinstall the original game then apply the updates and it should work better now
* Upsampled digital audio now uses linear interpolation
* Expanded joystick support to multiple joysticks, also report fixed values if no joysticks connected
* Added support for German Defender of the Empire addon
* Added support for Making Magic (Japanese)
* Added support for Rebel Assault II Windows version
* Added support for Pipe Dream Windows version
* Fixed save games in FMTowns versions
* Fixed default video mode for Loom CD
* Fixed bug where installing Dark Forces would not include INSTALL.EXE, preventing controller config
* Fixed wonky CMS music in Secret of Monkey Island
* Fixed installation of Star Wars Chess on MacOS/Linux
* Fixed crash when changing configuration in-game in some circumstances
* Fixed (or at least greatly reduced) incorrect palettes on scene transitions in Full Throttle


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Playing around with this latest version. Very much enjoying the UI improvements and Fixed Mode seems to have stabilised the game experience on my M1 MacBook Pro (although there's still some very minor tearing), so I'm very grateful! 


Possible bug:


In DOTT when you look at the battery the plans the game shows you solution to the copyright check, even though you're actually in the game itself proper and don't need the solution anymore. (Full talkie version -- there's no copyright check anyway.)

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New DREAMM beta available:




New in 3.0b4:

* Fixed many bugs in Pipe Dream Windows, including missing menus, clipping bugs, and other missing features

* Added support for Infernal Machine 1.1 updaters (there are two versions)

* Disabled non-working video modes in the DOTT English version of Maniac Mansion

* Fixed regression in the open/save dialog for Windows games

* Fixed regression where files with incorrect names but matching CRC weren't being found by the scanner/verifier

* Fixed regression where Windows games were not returning idle time back to the system

* Fixed crash when using the mouse wheel while menus were visible on some UI screens

* Fixed missing lines in Infernal Machine map

* Fixed Jedi Knight/MotS default video mode to be 640x480 instead of 400x300

* Fixed Grim Fandango defaulting to software rendering

* Fixed screen position of Rebel Assault II Windows launcher after playing

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