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Monkey island


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Hmmm..... Trapdoor? Doesn't ring a bell.... Mobile Anal probes.... nope, don't wanna think about it. This is quite the vague topic, so I'll say "Watch for the three-headed monkey... he WILL destroy thee..."



Anyways, Monkey Island is as Monkey Island does. I am what I eat. Does that mean I'm glue?

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Originally posted by scabb

Erm Spaff, you spelt International wrong, on the writing in the top left of the forum screen








Made you look


I told you, he has been drinking. OH..NO! HE'S GOING TO GET ANOTHER BEER! STOP HIM!

We should put a padlock on the fridge.


BTW, I'm a monkey now I'm so excited! Oh yeah! :p




I forgot to ask if you guys like my new avatar?

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that new av looks spoogetastic blondey


anyway EPD spaff should use one of those voice operated typing things - actually the anomolous sewage intake might produce.....original output


hmm...."blaaargh who shtole my lungs?....YOU! ashparagus is coming for ass...arse...US - women and doorknobsh fiiiiiiiiiirst!"



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