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What Star Wars Game are you looking to the most?


What game are you looking to?  

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  1. 1. What game are you looking to?

    • JK II
    • Galaxies
    • Kotr (The RPG)
    • A Episode II action game

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It's made for Japanese people!!! While playing Rogue Leader demo, it felt like my hands were cramped, cause all the buttons and crap was confined to a tiny space. :(


Jedi Outcast is going to be so awesome!!!! But I'm looking foreward to Knights of the Old Republic. Is it coming to PS2?

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hey, i wonder if you can force choke someone....imagine it, chasing your enemy, and then force choking them, and they let their hands off the stick, and start grabbing their throats and go for a nosedive! lol


as for the gamecube controller, its not the size of it that matters, just the position of the buttons. If i'd be able to play it without snapping my neck (thanks to walmart's 'break your neck to play' policy), i'd probably get used to it.


btw, I beat Dino Crisis 2 today, only had that game since wednesday! I think I'll spend $15 or less on Dino Crisis 1 this month.

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Originally posted by Sithcloak

I meant PC games, I have changed the name of the thread to fix any confusion.


Ok, then Jedi Outcast.


BTW Rhett, the game IS based on Episode II stuff. It doesn't tell the same stroy but it uses the same ships and enemies and you fight in several Episode II places including the final battle, wherever that may be. So, it is an Episode II game, just as Starfighter was a Episode I game.

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I'm looking forward to Knights of the Old Republic myself. I love RPGs but tend to favor 1 player or just a few on multi, not massive online RPGs. So Galaxies is not my bag, but I'm really lookin gforward to KotR, but it looks like I'm all alone on this :(


Of course, I'd be buying Jedi Knight: Outcast as well ;)

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