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The Wisconsinus Adventure- Official Story Thread 1


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*Fights the warrior*


*Swings Mana Blade*


"Damn,missed him!"


*The warrior's sword slashes Tyrion from his left side of the forehead to his right side of his nose*




*Does a Death From Above,killing the other warrior*


*Checks the corpse for items*


"Great..some shurikens..I can fling stuff good...wait..a grapling hook..I could use it!"

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5:00 AM



*Everyone heres a noise and gets up*



*A little blue jawa is running in circles going UTIBI (Or sumthin) OOC: I can talk


What's this little fellow doing??? *gonk tries to tell the jawa to stop but when he gets near it, the jawa raises his lightsaber and proceeds to run in circles.*

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corellian ale!!!! you think i am a softy, i will not let you get me drunk and thenyou just kill me, i am the great boundty hunter, i have came to take you all as prisinors and take you to get my bounty


WAIT....how can you see me, i am invisible, stupid evil ring!!!!!! dang it my warranty just ran out on it too

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* Suddently, a noise is heard in the bushes

* A big silouette approaches from the grass and a strange noise is heard:





* As the silouette approaches, some details can be seen. It's a heavily underweight wookie that mumbles to himself.

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i start to follow whiteraider...



i am curious so i don't shoot you, you then walk up a hill, i wait a second and slowly walk over, there was then the most beutiful city i have ever seen.

The houses were made of pure gold and the waterfall had crystal clear water. The grass was green and perfect. The city was massive. I could not even see it all, part of the city when in to the neighboring mountain. I saw whiteraider walking past people so i figured they tolerated strangers.


I went in to the city acting normal then some one pointed a blaster at me and then soem one knocked me over the head with a very hard object. I fell over and blacked out.


I awoke and was chained up with out my armor and weapons. I saw thew a window whiterider talking to someone. Whiterider turned around, looked at me, and began to laugh.

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