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A different kind of 'post your pic' thread


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Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit



I think I hear the pitter-patter of pre-pubescent feet running for the dictionary...


And I named my band Jon Jon and the Bon Jovi's... We're counting on a lawsuit so as to get some free publicity, once we're famous, we'll cut a deal and change our names to something original. And if that fails, I've always got my two-man acoustic show, Parker's Bishop.

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Originally posted by STTCT

It looks like our friend "Wendy" here...is gonna need a pair of panties...


sending in some panties....


Vive la resistance! :atat: ::Kill kill:::fett::jawa


(these are rather sexy...)


*were you looking for something in more of a thong over?*



i cant see it


vive la resistance (is there a meaning for you to say it?)

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Vive la resistance means 'long live the resistance.' It implies the ever vigilant willingness to defy authority, break rules and hamper the establishment with resistance activities.


In a forum context, it means that *spies from Aresen* are present. :dozey: Or that you're cool, like Deadmeat X here...



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Bloody hell! I'll give YOU resistance!


*blasts Psychotic Hyper Bunny with this gadget here*




Shame on you for invading the Harbor! What would your parents say? How dare you, filthy scum that you are, think that you can improve upon the random chaos that characterizes this beautiful place? How DARE you??


*makes coffee and drinks it, gazing thoughtfully at the dumb bunny's smoldering remains*

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Awww, don't fret none about it, Captain Andy. I'm willing to spy for the Harbor, as well. Here is a thread at Aresen where the locals are plotting to 're-title' some unsuspecting newbie...




It would be really, really funny if we pooled our credit resources to re-title Lynk Former as a 'Harbor Wench.' It only costs 1700 credits! :D


C'mon. Hah?

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Here's a pic of me and Jo from Australia Big Brother 3, I met her last week while I was in Sydney.




And also, here's a pic of me and Delta Goodrem, who I'm sure most UK people would know her better as Nina from Neighbours.




And finally, here's a group shot of me and the people who I met in Sydney, who I know off another forum... which includes the guy I used to like. Feel free to guess which one it was.



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