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  1. Sithspecter!!!! Great to see you around bud! How's things? |Hows life treating you currently?? GB j7

  2. How come your not on Skype :xp: GB j7

  3. Coolio sounds great, the guy I live with is a Redskins fan, so he's not too happy atm! GB j7

  4. Awesome! Thanks for all your work! Just send you an email ;) You'll need to have the Sith Assassin's wearing Quanon's Sith Assassin mask; g_i_mask227.uti Otherwise they'll just have the balaclava head I have set up as the head for that model. GB j7

  5. One slight oversight, I've realised is that I haven't made the soldier, scout or scoundrel uti's yet... I'll just do that and email them to you! GB j7

  6. You wanna come on Skype sometime? :xp:

  7. Hey Glenn, thanks for all your hard work, if you remember the message I sent you with dropbox, you can download the entire Override folder and you will have the fixed Stalker among other things; that way we can sync what we are both doing should you so wish. Items sounds fine to me :) The Stalker is a hardish enemy, but you just have to think more when fighting than other enemies... GB j7

  8. It's just four injections now, the nurse combined my first two, have to go back in a week, and then two weeks after that. Turkey is very cool! :)


    Btw, did I make the scoundrel, soldier and scout clothing uti's? as if I didn't I'll make them now and send them to you! GB j7

  9. Hey, cool beans, looking forward to testing it :) Possibly some sort of ingame gloves, a belt, RedRob's Republic uniforms; g_a_class4042.uti, rephelm.uti (the Republic helmet) and either a decent blaster or rifle. That sound ok? Do the Assassin's have utc's I gane modify equipment slots for dropable items? Was going to include their armour as well as the Sith Assassin, I also need to equip them with the Assassin mask Quanon made. We could make the belt's or glove's class specific, i.e. a scoundrel get's gloves which help with stealth, a solider strength bonues, or we could just make it generic. I can be more specific on this if you would like? But I do trust you implicitly :)


    I'm good cheers, currently in Turkey working for charity, things are going well here. Though I got bitten by a possibly rabid cat yesterday, so had to have rabies shots and the bit is now infected >.> Let me know if you need anything else from me! GB j7

  10. Yeah, I did thanks Dak! Sorry I haven't replied, got bitten by a rabid cat, so had to go to hospital today >.> Have had time to slightly tweak the icon you sent :) GB j7

  11. Hey Dak thanks! Hope life isn't getting too hectic for you! GB j7

  12. Hey Dak! How's you? Hows things going on the Revan mask?? GB j7

  13. Hey Glenn, hows you? hows it going? :) GB j7

  14. You fancy doing some icon making?? :-p GB j7

  15. Well my apology was meant to be from the the majority of the KotOR community, and as Vash tells Atris in KotOR 2; "We take responsibility, Atris, not cast blame". GB j7

  16. I wasn't actually thinking of anyone in thread, I was more meaning people on other boards; I think the dissatisfaction in our thread has all been pretty civil. I do think some of the Revan novel idea's are both bad, and and take no consideration of fans myself. GB j7

  17. Hey Capibara, hows you? Hows life? Sorry for slow reply, your Davik skins look great :) Would love to have them in FFK1, should you wish for them to be in the mod. My only suggestion would be to turn the red semi circles into purple ones. Do you have Skype? GB j7

  18. Yeah it was :) Will work for both females and males....

  19. Do you still have this save file; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2641629&postcount=75 - I could really do with it for FFk1! GB j7

  20. Hey VP, hows you? Hope your well bud! Just wanted to say been playing through TSL:RCM, with some of your mods and they are awesome... In particular, the Peragus Miners, and your version of Kreia are fantastic! Interestingly with issues with the miners not dying error; I found if I walked quickly into a module they wouldn't die, but if I stayed still for around 5-10 seconds, they were always dead! Out of interest your Handmaiden Sister fix TSLRCM compatible? GB j7

  21. Saw your convo with SH, FFK1 is about 95% done now... Female Jedi Robe back of neck is a pain... Got hoods to finalise, and haven't finished playing with the icons... GB j7

  22. Awesome... Great news! :) Thanks Qui-Gon... Stuff of legend ;) GB j7

  23. Yeah, I had deffo thought about it, there are only 2 files which actually conflict, atton.dlg and disciple.dlg, which spawn their Jedi Robes, although patching those files is not an area I'm familiar with. GB j7

  24. Hey Glenn, hows you? Hows things going? GB j7

  25. Yeah, of course thats fine :) PM me your email address and I'll send them over. GB j7

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