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  1. Tim Schafer just linked to this on Twitter. Its brilliant.
  2. We have all of Lucasforums archived here. You mean this thread.
  3. That's probably what I'm thinking of, its been...a few years.
  4. That's awesome! I wondered if it was like the MI1 icon - where the colours are messed up in Workbench 3 (I didn't realise that for years). I checked and that's sadly not the case. Also while you're here thank you for the directory opus adf plugin
  5. I don't think I've seen that poster before, I really like it. Did it come with one of the remastered releases?
  6. Laser it says you have 211 messages and Thunderpeel you have 170. So that must be why. I've bumped the quota up to 250 for now.
  7. The only vaguely relevant thing I can see is that max stored conversations is set to 50. And its set to stop you sending messages to people who have reached that. I've bumped it up to 55 to see if its that.
  8. I'm guessing a permission thing. I'll have a look around the admin settings and when that fails I'll pester Zaarin.
  9. It was working for me a few weeks ago and I've just successsfully PM'ed now so its working for me. Not sure what it is.
  10. We've come a long way from listening to midi files by Highland Productions. We need a thread for sharing the excellent music covers on Youtube. This guy has done several Monkey Island covers, I particularly like his Barbery Coast and Jojo covers but they are all good.
  11. I agree with whats been said, a new Sam and Max game is great but I wonder how many people will actually play it. The market for VR games cant be that big surely? Like Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin its going to be one of those games that I would love but cant play.
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