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  1. Having a closer look into the wavebank format again (its been years), it looks to me like the loop points are embedded in the wavebank not the soundbank as I said earlier. If that's the case then possible solutions are: Rename the MusicNew wavebank + soundbank to MusicOriginal so the game just uses them. I just had a quick test of this, it didn't work so I changed the internal names inside the wavebank and soundbank to MusicOriginal. This didn't work as there's a checksum in the soundbank, so I fixed that and...it worked. Except of course the wrong tracks play as they are listed in a different order in musicnew and musicoriginal. You could patch the loop points back into the wavebank after you've built it. If you use the unxwb tool with the -l and -v flags you'll be able to see the region offset for each sound. I think that's the start position for looped audio, its a 4 byte value. So you could make a tool to change those region offset values in the new wavebank.
  2. Where does it sound noticeably wrong? I've just rebuilt the bank and I don't notice any issues so far in woodtick. I cant use your save from the first post, every version of SE2 that I have packs their saves into monkey2.bin.
  3. XGS files are settings for the project. The blocksize might not be it, its just a possibility as I know that it can affect loop points.
  4. As Serge says, its not the audio data that contains the loops its the soundbank (xsb file). You can also build soundbanks in XACT, you drag a track from the wavebank into it and build cues and loop points but that will be a hassle. Again as Serge says, you would expect the game to just use the loops from the xsb so I would guess its one of: ADPCM blocksize - this can affect looping as the blocksize affects block alignment. Try lowering Samples per block on the wavebank. Your wavebank has the SYNC_DISABLED and BANK+ENTRYNAMES flags set - the original doesn't. On the wavebank in xact turn off 'friendly names' and turn on 'sync in-game data'. I havent built it to try but these should remove those flags.
  5. I just gave it a quick try in WinUAE and those keys didn't work, but then again I couldn't get debug mode working on it either so I may have had issues with the keymap or a wonky copy of the game. Shift+F9 and Shift+F10 are indeed the keys for recording/playing back a demo. Whether they are active depends on the version of the game. Normally I think you you need a full windex debug interpreter for the recording/playback functionality to be enabled (like the one included with the MI2 talkie prototype). So the pc cd version of MI2 doesn't let you do it, even in debug mode. However that functionality is enabled in the pc floppy version of MI2 without needing to enable debug mode. So I can well imagine that there's a version of the Amiga MI2 interpreter where playback and recording is enabled.
  6. I haven't looked into it but it could be one of these commands: Palette intensity (this was a command in SCUMM v6+ but I don't know if it existed in earlier versions) The lights command which could either be used for a light beam or to set the lights in the room (again in v6+ so I dont know about earlier) Decompiling and comparing the scripts would confirm if its one of those commands.
  7. Normally I don't like any of this kind of stuff but the Fate of Atlantis idol does look good. This looks to be the original source of the model, I've found it unpainted on ebay but this painted one from Etsy does look good.
  8. I have them but I've been told that Carl-Johan Höiby asked for his two songs to be removed, so I'll respect that. This is the medley (I think)
  9. Yes, on pc the DVD release is still the only way to get the Boen version of episode 1. I remember them saying they would update it for everyone else, but they never did. By way of penance for the mistake I've made this. Its the voice files from the DVD version backported to the older downloadable version. To use it, backup the original voice .ttarch and replace it with this. Benefits: It has Earl Boen's voice for LeChuck. The quality of some of the voices will be better. The original release stored some voices as ogg and some as speex which is lower quality. In the DVD version all voices are ogg. Drawbacks: The lipsync and animations were redone for Boen's LeChuck. So LeChuck's lipsync will be wrong. This is particularly noticeable with longer lines of dialog like in the intro. How was this made?: The DVD version uses a slightly newer version of the Telltale engine so you cant just drop the DVD bundle into the original release and have it work. I dumped all the voice files from the DVD voice bundle, wrote a quick program to parse the .aud files and make them the same format as the .aud files from the original release. Then I built a new .ttarch bundle with the modified files. I had a look at backporting the .anm animations to fix the lipsync issue but the format is noticeably different between the two versions so after a quick try I abandoned it.
  10. Our ears failed us, the version in the Limited Run pack is the original Harrington one.
  11. Before Jason made the Mojo post we checked that it was Boen. I installed episode 1 of TMI from Limited Run and extracted a few bits of LeChuck speech to confirm it. Now I'm second guessing that and wondering if our ears failed us.
  12. I completed it a few days ago. Its a superb game, really polished and certainly the best game Doublefine has made.
  13. Doxbox-X or Virtualbox would be fine I'm sure. It'd just be having to install Windows 95 that would be a pain.
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