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  1. Good idea.


    LF ftw!



  2. Never heard of it. :p

  3. Baah, she'll be back.


    I hope..

  4. Come back!!!


    Like NOW!





  5. Sadly however, our hops are more often thab not dashed...

  6. We must all live in hope, dear. <3

  7. Haah


    Even he has some sense of decorum. :p

  8. Back away veeeery slowly. ;)

  9. :lol:


    At least it's Davs not Jmacs. :p

  10. :lol:


    Nice drawing in RD btw. :)


    My one criticism is that I appear to be sniffing Dav's butt. :p

  11. Ah, you'll get used to it. :p

  12. Now you are TRULY one of us...

  13. RH is one of our more AWESOME moderators. :D

  14. Heh, just watch out for RedHawke and you'll be fine. :p

  15. How're you coping here in a forum that actually GETS moderated? :p

  16. How're you coping here in a forum that actually GETS moderated? :p

  17. "I'm doin' fine, just moving forums since Jmac basicly turned RD into an even bigger hell-hole than normal and sent Ave round the bend.


    Fixed. :D


    Aaalways good to see more new faces around Ahto. :D

  18. Poor guy is delerious.. :xp:


    'Girls'... I've never known such nonsense.

  19. We'd all be like Ender.


    Sinking so low as to assosciate with these "girls" he talks about... :p

  20. Yay for detective work!!

  21. RD is one of the LF Forums.


    Razputins Domain.




    The whole place is just full of crap. :lol:

  22. Come back to Skypez! <3

  23. Looks like you have quite the fan club ChAiNz! :p

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