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  1. Uh, yeah, I think so. :p


    The words you can't say are ****, ****, ****, ******* and ******. :p

  2. No respect for authority..


    But that's rich coming from you.


    Running away from pigs coppers with strongbow hidden in your top :lol:

  3. Yeah, rememer I tolf you on MSN?


    I had that disagreement with a lifeguard. :lol:

  4. I suppose you're right. :lol:


    I'm gonna go get me some BROCCOLI :D


    I think i'll go swimming.


    They unbanned me at one of the local pools last Wenesday. :D

  5. Bonjour! :D


    Eek, life is treating me BADLY. I'm ill :lol:


    Aand yourself?

  6. That's Sithy for ya :lol:

  7. Well I think it looks scrumptious.



  8. Haaaaah!


    What an AMAZING song Pap! :lol:



  9. Wow, Pap!


    What an AMAZING cover of that song!



  10. Yeah, season one is the best.


    Season two is only in its 3rd episode though soo...

  11. If you go to http://www.mydamnchannel.com you can find the "You Suck At Photoshop" video series. It's a series of AWESOME tutorials. I learned a lot from them. :)

  12. Heh, some images it looks right on, some it doesn't.

  13. Shame on you. :p


    As for your sig, it's actually quite good, though if you wanted to spruce it up a tad, you could make a transparent document the same size as your sig, paste your sig on as a new layer, and use an eraser with a fuzzy brush to soften up the edges?


    It looks good as it is though. :)

  14. I just realised, I joined before you, yet you STILL have more posts than me :p


    How's the photoshop going?

  15. I hope you do stick around.


    I miss your work. :)

  16. Oh, that's a relief then. :lol:

  17. Any time.


    Photoshop is fun. :D


    And I hope the part your location refers to isn't the one im thinking of.


    If so, you have my sympathies.

  18. Ah, sorry. I thought for some reason they started on 50. Silly me...


    Well, now, with the orange gone, it looks much better. :)

  19. Huh?


    Can you post your avatar for me?

  20. You should be able to get away with turning the saturation down to 0. :)


    (If the keyboard shortcuts are the same in Elements as Photoshop), you can press CTRL+U and just put the middle slider down to 0. :)

  21. Very nice!


    Expecially for a first try! :)


    I'd recommend maybe getting rid of the orange though.


    Right now, it looks like Vader has been Tangoed :lol:

  22. Oh yes..


    Whereas ChAiNz has his trademark cookie, I now have my vader-pony sign. :D:D

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