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  1. Laptop is broken.

  2. Ready when you are dear. :D

  3. Indeed.


    I was like ZOMGWTF! :lol:


    Methinks you has a twin. o_Q

  4. Burnseyyyyyyyy :D


    Were you by any chance in Alton Towers on Tuesday?


    A bit random I know. :lol:

  5. Your wit and humor still sharp as ever, eh ChAiNz? :p

  6. I'll do that once I get back on my laptop. :)

  7. Yes SS, when i say the camera doesn't go through the walls, I MEAN the camera doesn't go through the walls. :p

  8. >.<


    I'll catch you up. :p


    I'll hit 2000 before you too. :xp:

  9. In answer to your question you sent me, no, I don't.


    I only have one for the 2008 edition. ;)


    Out of curiosity, what game were you talking about?

    do is manually set the

    Most older plugins i've found, have worked in the newer versions, all i've had to do is manually set the install path..


    Anyways, sorry I couldn't help.


    Try Google. ;)

  10. Not checked my emails yet today, i'll look now. :)

  11. I got a message from her a few days ago, she's having a great time.


    But I won't tell you, leave it to her when she gets back. ;)

  12. Baah, not bad I suppose :lol:


    Heard from Pap since she's been away?

  13. Haiiii


    Jonnyyyyyy :p


    Just thought i'd drop you a line to see how you're doing. :D

  14. Alas, twas time...

  15. Ok.


    Shall I PM you the link?


    Or post it in the thread.

  16. Haha.


    Well, at least you're having fun.

  17. Hey Specta!


    I'll definitely be having a look at that. ;)


    Life is good. :D


    How are things in Specta land? :p

  18. @Below:


    Don't we all. :D

  19. I'll tell you what was bleeped out next time you're on MSN. :p

  20. Haaah.




    Kreia-miyagi! >.<


    That comic is missing:


    Paint fence

    Paint house

    And finally..



  21. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


    Great, you just made me wake up the whole street with my laughter. :xp:

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