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  1. Oh hai Pappy. :D


    I've finished that model off. :)


    Log on to Skype or something later and i'll send it on over. :)

  2. Someone needs to be taught a lesson...


    Oh Paper! :naughty:

  3. Shame on you doc! o_Q

  4. :lol:


    Oh sure, blame someone else. :p

  5. :lol:


    You WARPED individual! :lol:

  6. Yeah, that sounds like an AWESOME idea!


    You should still get MSN too though, Pap. :)

  7. ZOMG!


    You're back!


    Welcome back mate. :)

  8. Have you set up an account etc?


    Once you have, PM me your username and i'll add you for a chat.

  9. Windows Live Messenger (A.K.A MSN) or Skype. ;)

  10. @Rev411: Mind your own business. If Devon wanted everyone to know he would have posted.


    @Dev: Welcome back. :)

  11. Paaaapz. :D


    I've had a thought...


    You're Papership, right?


    You have friends, right?


    You could call your friends "mates" right?


    Why not call them PaperMates!


    (Please say you know what papermate is. :xp:)

  12. Not tried it yet.


    Been too busy with my music stuff. :(

  13. Well done Pappy!


    I made the mistake of scratching my eye at the start of Rita (just before it started moving.) as you can imagine... IT HURT :lol:

  14. Oh hai Mr Walkmesh. :p


    Should ALL the parts of my model be Trimesh too?

  15. Cool.


    What's this forum for?

  16. It was called Jedi Knights, if you wanted it. :)

  17. It doesn't exist anymore. I shut it down. ;)

  18. No, I used boardzero.com :)

  19. Ah, the wonders of internet forumming. :p

  20. Specta me ol' mate. :D


    Right now i'm the most BORED person on earth... :(


    Hows things in Specta land? :xp:

  21. Alton Towers?


    Ahhh i've been there!


    It's awesome! :D


    You HAVE to go on Oblivion... :xp:


    Air and Nemesis aren't all they're cracked up to be though...


    Rita is WELL worth a ride though. :p


    Have fun!


    I'll bring along some DVDs for Q and I to watch. :naughty:

  22. In that case, expect me around 9 PM on Saturday. :xp:

  23. Aha!


    A neeeeeeew member! :D


    Welcome to LF...


    Home to some of the STRANGEST people on teh interwebz. :D

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