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  1. Got a few things working... I just need to get the coordinates now for our new spawners, and then I can add them to the the OnEnter scripts, along with the container with those items. All in all, what we want to do only requires slightly altering the old OnEnter I sent you to add in the container and spawning baddies, and adding a new script called qg_ambush to control said baddies. The latter is already written, the former is mind-numbingly simple, and the middle one I think will be easy :p Haven't actually filled and spawned a container before. What would you like, a footlocker or Iris-opening container?

  2. hey i dont have skype... not sure if you have ever ventured into the team hssiss chatbox?


    i want to ask you a question about the [edit]bad arses[edit], so I can do appropriate spawning for what we are looking for (then I will actually go in game and get some coordinates). Also, I want to maybe get an item list for what we should be dumping into our PC's container in his/her quarters.


    In my imagination, we want to spawn in one, maybe two groups of 3 [edit]bad arses[edit], (spawning in as immediately hostile and on the attack) spawning in the same as the stalker but without the convo, and bearing the appropriate weapons... is there a comparable weapon in K1 to what the [edit]bad arses[/edit] used in TSL?


    Anywho, hope you are good!

  3. Minor HD issue... stupid uninstall of DA2 burped my machine...


    No worries, just have to make new scripts. Not a biggie, have them for ya hopefully this evening

  4. no worries... do you mean then that you need the original vanilla version of it decompiled? it may be in the decompiled script resource at JediKnights.com

  5. I cannot decompile a TSL script at the moment, as I need to install TSL!


    Is that the generic script or is that one modified by Jaevyn? if so, he should have the .nss for ya

  6. Hey logan! hope you are well! glad the demo release has gone well :)

  7. Any luck with that && script? I got it to compile for K1 with the conditional posted under EDIT

  8. Yeah bruh!


    I live at the intersection of Belle Isle and Roswell Rd, just inside of the perimeter!


    I saw someone else on our boards that is a local... we could make a local modding group, if the outstanding nerdiness and complete lack of decorum didn't make it prohibitively ridiculous... In all honesty, I think we could make some serious modding happen with a group that could meet occasionally *IN PERSON*.... says the 40 year old man to a young boy :p

  9. Thanks for the thirding of Liverandbacon's jesterhood!


    I figured it was a no-brainer, despite his intelligent humor :p

  10. As far as getting DLGeditor to work thru KTool, I am not sure that that is possible. There may be a way to edit Fred's code to call for dlgeditor rather than his Conversation Editor, but that is beyond my coding ability :(

  11. I am with you on the whole being busy thing! Lots of work going on, and always more to do! I am up to any little scripting that might be needed to fill out and polish FFK1... I can make time :)

  12. Going pretty well Logan, thanks for asking! I hope you can say the same :)

    Holowan has been pretty slow lately, and I haven't been modding much meself... although I am writing a bit for my K1 special character Redux... At some point, I am either going to need to learn a little about modeling or get a little help from redrob41 on a "leisure suit" for a certain dude. My big obstacle is voicing all of the dialog for the mod... it is just one character, but there is a fair amount of vanilla VO to redo/replace, and then all the added content. I will probably do it myself, as it would be hard to get someone else to do all that work in a timely manner, and up to the standard I am looking for.


    Hope RoR is continuing strong, and that you are able to balance work/life/modding... with a little time for a lady and recreation :lol:

  13. Hey bill, just noticed you were online... What you doing with that GTX480 lately? Sure could use that powerhouse again on the folding@LFN team! Get back in the fold man!!!


    A weak guilt trip... and not an important one, to be sure. If you are cutting back on the power bill, or trying to save your rig, I understand. I just know that when you were folding, that thing kicked ass!

  14. "I've looked for your name on the Members list and it doesn't seem to be showing up on the rolls of Deadly Stream. That site always seems to have problems, doesn't it? Hopefully it hould be more stable now that he switched to a new server with new PHBB code. You are still a member of the M4-78 Social Group here which is where most of the good stuff is anyway. The most interesting thing at DS for M4-78 was an informal vote of what people think the colors of Vash's and Kaah's lightsabers should be" : Hahahahahahaha!

  15. Of course you can quote/re-post this! And if you are a moderator over there as it appears, can you let me know if I have a viable account over there?

  16. plus as you noted over on Deadly Stream, there is no TSLRP website or archives to look back through. Thanks Dashus, once again, for sucking so hard :(

  17. Hmmm.... has the Deadly Stream userlist been purged again?? It seems that my account has once again been destroyed, which is mildly disturbing as I am still considered (I think I am still) a part of the M4-78RP.


    I can say that Hassat Hunter covered most of the bases. What I do not know about the leaked beta that is out there, is if it is JUST the leaked beta, or if it is the *updated* leaked beta.


    If the person who posted the leaked beta updated it before they put it out there, the mod is hopelessly ruined by a poisoning done by Dashus to put the screws to the leak-lovers out there. I liked that then, and still kinda like it.


    If it is just the plain old leak, then HH covers most of the issues. Honestly, it is impossible to recall what else might have been wrong, as I was testing 9, 10 and 11 before the mod went dead, and to know what was wrong with 8 is just too far back...

  18. I am about to fall into fifteen million particles of Georgia red clay, sweat and blood. Rigging has been hardcore lately, involving a great deal of actual ditch-digging, trenching, backfilling.... not my normal job description. The joys of working on a period piece...


    Hope you are well! Interesting discussion Tysy has brought up, glad that you have joined it again!

  19. Looks like you got the sig figured out!

  20. Hey bruddah!


    I will send you a PM tomorrow, with a few questions and requests for you, so that I can more easily finish what we have started.


    The new show is called "Single Ladies" and will be on MTV... We did our camera test today while I was rigging the sky with socapex and 4aught.... the actresses and extras are head-spinning, some quite stunning, I nearly fell out of my condor!!!

  21. @ Sith Holocron.... derrr, I get it now, and feel a little, uh, duh, derrr.... But I also laughed out loud for a brief moment... thinking about the Bad Sith of Death, the Big Sith of Destiny, the Bartering Sith of Departmentstores....

  22. Hey Sith Holocron! Great stuff, just saw your folding stats at Extreme Overclocking!!! Welcome aboard, hope you saw my visitor board with instructions for signature insertion. It is up there, I went wacky and removed all the brackets.... otherwise you wouldn't be able to see anything but the sig....


    Hope you are well, sorry about the BSOD, if it is GPU related let me know, I have a spare BFG GT210 512mb laying around collecting dust... not strong as a folder, but perfectly good enough to max KotOR settings. You want it, pay for the shipping and it's yours.

  23. @ SH - Pictures for Folding

    - Example of my folding sig, with the brackets removed : (bracket)url=http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2503435(end bracket)(bracket)IMG(endbracket)http://www.lucasforums.com/picture.php?albumid=250&pictureid=2095(bracket)/IMG(endbracket)(bracket)/url(endbracket)(brakcet)img(endbracket)http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/sigs/sigimage.php?un=Qui-Gon_Glenn&t=140370&c1=FFFFFF&c2=2e2e4a&c3=00000%200&c4=800000&c5=d9d787&bg=1[/img(endbracket)(bracket)img(endbracket)http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/sigs/sigimage.php?t=140370&c1=FFFFFF&c2=000000&c3=00000 0&c4=800000&c5=d9d787(bracket)/img(endbracket)(bracket)/code(endbracket).

  24. Hey Holowanians!


    I just started a new show, which means my time for the next few months for modding will be limited, as will my forum time :(


    I will be sending PM's to a few of my fine feathered f®iends, as there are a couple loose ends for me to tie up.


    I will be around, just not as much.


    @j7 - PM I did get... so sorry, but I had to work Saturday and Sunday and never had the time to respond. It is weird as an American that is a freelancer, working on Super Bowl Sunday... I will be in contact soon!

  25. Noticed it today as a matter of fact... I tried to get screens of the casting Stalker and the choking PC and they did not save... I could only get screens of the "no Stalker" and then the spawning/decloaking stalker approaching.



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