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  1. Not too much, just watching a bunch of movies on HBO

  2. hey there, how's it going

  3. Any chance I get a hint on what's going down for arc 2?

  4. I see you and Rex are back from the dead, welcome back

  5. have you figured out a way to calm Karela down from her demon badass state?

  6. Well well he lives, I haven't seen you on here in a while. How have you been?

  7. Hey bud how's the trip coming... and I fixed this small little issue. Due to the white chakara inside of his the blood his white. Since he's undead the more blood he loses, the weaker he becomes. The only way he can go back to his original strength is to take the soul of someone else.

  8. I was going for the creepy he's undead and doesn't bleed since he did before thing but I can work the blood thing in


    Edit: I changed the posts

  9. yeah sure thing, and I hope I wasn't coming off godly with my secondary character I just don't want him to die in 5 seconds.

  10. Hey man I completely see your point here. I didn't mean for him to come off too powerful but I didn't want him to be an easy takedown. I've changed my posts up a bit to make him more human like than he is. Good news, it comes with added blood! Sorry again and thanks for the update.

  11. Are people still interested in Battle of the Dark Jedi? And also how have you been?

  12. good, I've basically have just been chilling lately. How about you?

  13. Hey I made a character for your Halo RP, I hope you like it

  14. aww thanks, its good to be back.

  15. Alright, sounds good. I'll try to think of something later.

  16. thanks, its good to be back

  17. Hey Hey Hey, yeah I had some comp issues but I'm back now. Of course I have no clue what so ever as to what is going on in Shinobi and other rps were in together. So if I could get some kind of run done as to whats going on from you or anyone who reads this message, that would be great.

  18. Hey PK, how's it going

  19. Why it wouldn't be a party without it... besides I'm pretty sure Cade would kill himself before giving that ship up

  20. I know that, he's basically just messing with her right now. Sorry for the confusion there

  21. thanks, I've never written a fan fic before but I will check it out

  22. sorry I can't really think of anything

  23. Congrats on winning an award for your fan fic

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