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  1. Funny thing about Stealth. It had gotten Boba Fett in and out of dangerous situations. "Miss I am a bounty hunter, stealth is a requirement to survive. I'll need to leave behind some of my gear though, If I am to join you." I really wish I had the Slave I right now He thought to himself. Boba Fett did not have his ship, however he did have his father's teachings. He went behind the nearest building and made a quick hole with his vibroblade. He placed his jetpack, and cape in there. He then covered up the hole. Then he took a couple wookiehairs on his shoulder and placed it on top of the covered hole. He then returned to to the group. "Skywalker, I was hoping you could watch this," Boba Fett said as he placed his EE-3 carbine rifle between the jedi's feet as to not draw too much attention. He touched his holster for his father's westar-34 blaster pistol to make sure it was still there. "Well I'm all set to go, by the way I don't believe I got your name miss..."
  2. Great another jedi! Boba Fett thought to himself. "Its quite Impressive you're still alive, and looking so young." Boba Fett eyed up the girl from head to toe. In fact she's looking pretty fine He thought to himself again. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Boba Fett of the Fett Clan. Now on to the matter at hand. I agree with Skywalker. We're not going to get answers standing here. So I second the vote to finding out what's going on here. Anyone else coming?"
  3. Boba Fett began walking when he noticed a particular building. This was where he and the jedi scum Mace Windu fought. Though he was finally dead, Boba Fett would never forgive him. I've got to be on Coruscant he thought to himself Though he was not able to give the finishing blow he got the next best thing. He pulled Windu's saber out from his belt and stared at it for a moment. He saw his father's death once more, and put the saber away. He began walking some more when he turned to see what looked like a fight. One man drew a saber on the other. Boba Fett stared at the man with curiosity. Is that... Anakin Skywalker, but It can't be The last time Boba ran into the jedi was when he was on a mission for Jabba. He was to bring in Wat Tambor dead or alive. After a near death experience with a deadly lightsaber wielding robot general, Tambor escaped. He chased after him only to get caught in a one on one dogfight. Skywalker saved his life, not only that he knew who Boba was. Boba returned the favor when a space slug had attacked them. Unlike Windu and many other jedi, Boba respected Skywalker. There was no way Skywalker could be alive right now. Boba knew he had died during the Clone Wars. "Wait a moment I recognize you.Weren't you a general in the Mandalorian Wars? At Malachor?" Boba looked at the man who had just spoken. He was talking to a woman. She fought in the Mandalorian Wars! That's impossible! Boba ran up to the man and woman as fast as he could. He paused to catch his breathe "Excuse me ma'am, If what this man says is true how are you alive? Did you fight on the Mandalorian side or for the Republic? Did you know a man named Cassius Fett?" He could not believe this woman fought in the Wars and lived! Perhaps this wormhole didn't just move me to Coruscant, perhaps it did much more he thought to himself, waiting for the woman's response.
  4. "Unbelievable," Boba Fett said to himself. In one stunning move the jedi Luke Skywalker had cut up a Palace Guard. Luke was going to be executed but it appears he has other plans. Now the jedi was joined by a wookie, Calrissian, and Solo? "How the hell?" Fett said to himself again. This fight was looking ugly. "Unaja gesta" said Jabba Hutt, his current employer. "On it sir," said Boba Fett who spoke Huttenese. "Well time to go to work" Boba kicked his jetpack and flew to the nearest sail. He fired a blaster round that went unnoticed. "Damn," Boba said to himself again. He turned on his jetpack and flew to the sail the jedi was one. The jedi turned around and cut his gun in half. Boba instantly kicked his jets and flew back to the nearest sail. Boba raised his gauntlet. "I may be down but I'm not out." Boba aimed at the jedi's head and hit the button. Within a matter of seconds Boba's jetpack kicked in again. He had lost control. He screamed as he hit a sail and rolled into the Sarlaac Pit. The monster swallowed him whole. As Boba fell he noticed a strange hole that was getting closer and closer. The bounty hunter fell through the whole and ended up in a city. "What the.." he said cutting himself off. He looked down to see his blaster in on piece again. I must of entered some kind of wormhole he thought to himself.Boba did not seem startled by where he was, in fact he was grateful. The only thing that did startle him was seeing a figure fall from the sky no more than 4 miles in front of him. "Well you don't see that everyday," he said to himself debating whether to go check it out or not. "On second thought I better go find out where I am" With that Boba Fett began walking into the town hoping to find answers.
  5. Name: Frank Jaeger aka Gray Fox Species: Human Gender: Male Age: Unknown Appearance:http://zinkadesh.deviantart.com/art/Gray-Fox-Trophy-75708682 Weapons: High Frequency Blade, Energy Rifle Bio: http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Gray_Fox
  6. Kevak stared out the window of his office. Today was not a normal day, Kevak could sense it. "Senator Leeilles, Two men are here to speak with you," said a feminine voice. "Let them in," Kevak replied. The two cloaked figures entered through the doors in a matter of seconds. "What is so important that you had to see me, you both know its risky having these meetings!" Kevak barked coldly. "Lord Kevak... "Please, Senator Leeilles," Kevak said before the man could say his sentence. "Senator Leeilles, the jedi exile is here on Kiffu," said one of the cloaked men. "Are you positive?" questioned Kevak. "Yes sir, we sensed her through the force," replied the other one. "Damnit, not now." Kevak was quite familiar with this exile although they never met face to face. She had taken down 3 sith lords with ease. The worst part was she managed to convert one of them. The last time Kevak had seen such a display of skill was when Revan defeated Malak and his forces. Kevak had fought Revan once himself. He knew Revan's task was great but the exile's was even greater. She would be a challenge to bring down, but maybe just maybe he could convert her to the dark side. Kevak pushed this thought out of his head Lets get serious here Kevak thought to himself. Kevak cleared his head for a split second. "Alright," he said at last. "I know what we must do. I will get a messenger over to her. You must try to help him find her first. He will relay a message to her for me. I will invite her and her company if she is not alone to dinner. After dinner I will request a meeting. It is there where you two will be hiding and wait for my signal. I will say I am very thankful you are taking the time to talk to me, and then you jump out. You both may die or not it makes no difference to me, now leave." The two cloaked men turned around and left the room. Kevak went over to his intercom and hit to button. "Could you please send Kijar in" "Right away Senator" A small kiffarian entered into the room "You called sir," said Kijar. "Kijar, I need you to take a message for me." "Yes senator, just tell me what to say." "I want you to approach a Tysyacha Dvyx and tell her that Senator Leeilles would like to... no would be honored if she and her company if she is not alone would come join me for dinner in honor of her defeating the sith." "I can do that but I dont know where to find her," said Kijar "Just talk to the two men outside they will tell you where to go," replied Kevak "Yes sir, Im just glad all the war ended and the sith are gone," stated Kijar, and with that he left. Kevak turned his gaze back to the window. "You dont know how wrong you are my boy, this is just the beginning... the beginning of my Dynasty," replied Kevak as he chuckled to himself.
  7. Name: Kevak Phobos, Calus Leeilles Nick: The CyborgSith Sex: Male Age: 40 Species: Human Appearance: http://glacierfusion.deviantart.com/art/Gray-Fox-37197985 This pic shows the suit with the mask seperated http://mako-deamon.deviantart.com/art/Gray-Fox-60062904 Biography: Kevak Phobos trained in the dark arts at a very young age. He had always been better with the lightsaber than he was the force, in fact he could not use the force. This disadvantage nearly cost him his life. He had been severly wounded by powerful force wielding jedi. He was fitted into an exosuit that improved on his relfexes. In this suit he was able to use the force, but not as well as most jedi and sith. The only power he was able to obtain was cloaking himself . The cloaking ability would prove to be more useful. Kevak's next mission came during the Mandalorian Wars, where he would obtain his nickname. He was sent in by the Sith to eliminate a Mandalorian general. This mission would prove sucessful. Even though he did not kill the general, he did eliminate all of his guards without using his power. He even struck fear into the general which is very rare thing to do to a Mando. After the war Kevak was promoted to Sith. He was given a brand new lightsaber, however he rejected it keeping his old blue one. Kevak's next mission was to assinate Revan. Kevak confronted Revan in an epic lightsaber duel. They ended their duel in a draw. Kevak cloaked himself and fled. Kevak told his superiors of his fight and how he felt the anger in Revan. Kevak stayed hidden in the shadows for the next few years. He made his next appearance at the fall of Malak. He was to report to Malak when he had heard of his death. With Malak dead and Revan turned good Kevak was to become a Sith Lord, however he would not be alone. Kevak, Sion, Nihilus, and Traya would become the new sith lords. Kevak played a very minor role in assisting his fellow Sith, he had other plans in mind. After the deaths of Sion, and Nihilus, and the conversion of Traya, Kevak was alone once more. After watching two failed attempts at achieving power Kevak had a different plan in mind. Kevak changed his name to Calus Leeilles and became a senator to Kiffu. Kevak put on a long cloak that covered most of his body except his face. His exosuit allowed his mask to seperate in half revealing his face. With this disguise Kevak must now rebuild his army seceretly. Kevak will stop at nothing to complete his goal of absolute power.
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