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  1. Thanks for the tip, I was unaware.

  2. Stoffe, having little problem with your Puppet Tutorial. Used your scripts, but the puppet stops following his leader after first combat round. Also, will not follow if warp to new module. Any thoughts?

  3. I haven't heard back from you regarding the voice acting..did you get my private message?

  4. Just read your new tutorial on the robes/meshes. Lots of possibilities here. Great job.

  5. Thanks DS--got it working.

  6. DS, if you get a chance, could you check out Holowan Labs current threads. I have a script problem. You always seem to come thru. thanks.

  7. I wish I could take credit for it..but alas, no..I'm quoting Obi Wan...Episod4 NH..just after the Falcon is taken in by the Death Star, and they pop out of the hidden compartments..Han calls obiwan 'damn fool' and obiwan says...

  8. double check that script...I just made some changes on the your thread

  9. I was just looking back over your Rise of the Sith thread and wondering where r u? Miss the great work.

  10. It took me a lot, I mean a lot of trial and error. I've never modeled anything before that. But the areas Disbeliever and Quanon were/are doing, and Canderis too, made me want to try. Plus, I needed an area for my mod that I couldn't make work with existing modules. It's not the greatest and there are flaws but it works


    I like the idea of the Prison Ship by the way. It's unique and a good use of 'adding a planet'.

  11. If you want, I could give it a whirl at this end...what is the name you want to give the armor.

  12. Have you been able to get that armor to work?

  13. Thanks. I've been following your Canderous Glory mod...The new modeled area is impressive..also, good tutorials...I've been meaning to pm you about something---in my mod I have a minor character, a mandolorian that is freed and briefly helps the pc and then escapes..can you recommend a clan I could associate him with and maybe could he have a cameo in your mandolorian mod---nothing major, just maybe a mandolorian standing around....what do you think? Let me know yay or nay...good luck and keep up the GREAT work.

  14. Tedious. I'm sure you know. Getting everything in working order..scripts...npc's doing what they're supposed to be doing, etc...I take more breaks now...How's yours coming? Enjoyed the recent updates.

  15. I want to use your Hood mod on one of my baddies in a mod I'm doing. I sent you an email a while back but never heard. Is it ok?

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