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  1. VP - need some help with clairvoyance effect on a dialog. Hassat Hunter said you helped him once with a script. I can't get it to work with my dlg editor.

  2. Headed down to florida for a little fun in the sun...

  3. Just watched your video. Great work. voices sound great. It's all coming together. Bastilla is spot on.

  4. Here for a little while...what do you need?

  5. send me some screen shots...also do you have any other mods installed?

  6. Thanks, glad you liked it.

  7. Saw your post.....returning to the forum?

  8. I've been reading your notes about your comic book idea...I think it's very innovative and refreshing for the mod community....Kind of lets you be creative, mod wise in terms of characters and locations w/o the hassle of a lot of scripts...if I understand the concept correctly....Good Luck.

  9. DI- I'm thinking of putting a little patch together so your Tomb mod would be compatible with my Korriban mod...is that o.k.?

  10. yeah on the thread on TUCE...

  11. I just had to change the name of the sion dialog to something a little more unique plus edit the script that fired the dialog.....pretty straight forward.

  12. Hey, I made a patch for my mod..so everything works fine. Thanks for your help.

  13. I've downloaded some of his zips but haven't gotten into them yet...I've thought about using them, but that is about it...why, do you have some ideas? If you do, let me hear'em. I'm sure will be seeing those new areas pop up in a lot of mods from here on out.

  14. Q-thanks for all the free stuff u put out there. If you get the modelling itch again...let me know, I may have a little project for u to keep u busy.

  15. That's the end..yep...If the mod is well recvd I may do a little add-on..maybe having Darth Poxus show up again later...would appreciate any and all suggestions/criticisms.

  16. forget the hologram...that was part of a deleted content...the security console is located on the "built in" computers in the center of the room...its an invisible placeable that is across from the door you entered.

  17. How did the test run of the mod go?

  18. did you figure that key thing out?

  19. thanks for your help and input....it's not perfect but I'm satisfied

  20. Sure, it could go to KotorFiles. Thanks

  21. Hey Z...just want to let you know I released the mod....thx for all your work.

  22. I included one of your Kotor2 saved game files from your thread in a mod I created which will be released soon. I gave you credit. Hope it is OK.

  23. Hey DS...sent you the files..didn't hear from you, just wanted to make sure you recvd them or do I need to resend.

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