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  1. Take your time....there is no big rush

  2. Q - that inner temple for Korriban..that you donated...is that K1 or K2?

  3. You know I hadn't planned on it...but I like it...I was kind of looking for something to put in an area...that should work nicely...thanks for the idea!

  4. Yeah, I'm good...thanks for the help

  5. Hey Exile007...I was able to find those files and get it working...so thanks anyways..should be good enuff....

  6. Got it, thank you very much...will test it out little later today..sure it will be fine..thanks again

  7. Weekend was good. Beautiful weather...I assume you were work'in hard on your patch for the demo.


  8. Good Luck on the Demo release. I'm sure it will be great.

  9. just wanted to see if you had the chance to work on that merchant for me...or if you had forgotten :) Let me know.

  10. Yep..he gave me the o.k. if I need them.

  11. just got your message...missed u at hssis..sorry

  12. Did you make your move yet?

  13. Visas looks great!

  14. Saw you released the sleeveless robes..congrats.

  15. What happened to Uncle Buck?

  16. sorry, didn't see your hss request until this morning.

  17. I run sanity checks, don't know if it's necessary though.

  18. I haven't tried it out yet...sorry. Do it as soon as I can.

  19. Is that an Uncle Buck avatar? Luv Uncle Buck.

  20. It's a one piece model. I edited the sullustans original body and put in the jedi robe model. I also crudely removed one finger from each hand to reflect the species. The robe lacks all the animations for now but I'm going to try to fix that.

  21. sent you an email

  22. I posted a comment on your populate script thread...can u check it when you get a chance

  23. Just saw your update on the thread. Looks cool as shi#!!!!

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