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  1. and the map looks great so far! gonna add the tweaks i made before (sky DOME, not box etc)

  2. well yes, but you can only attach one assecory per bone

  3. well, i cant find one with the visor. the Jabiim rebel trooper's helmet IS the imperail helmet anyway.

  4. thanks. do you plan on editing the others?

  5. then try media fire. that ALWAYS works for me

  6. cant do rapidshare?

  7. sure, ill look and can i have the map you updated?

  8. well, i could do it. its hard to explain it

  9. heym remember the gunships in the prolouge? i can only change ALL of thier textures, not just one

  10. auto turret? plop it in a map, then gointo its properties, hidden "isdeployed" (maybe Bisdeployed) and make it true

  11. you need to open both the dome and the inner mountain thingy and make everything under "collision advanced" to false

  12. ok no prob, and i found out how to make the sky be a dome, instead of a box. yay for no corners!

  13. what did you change? just curious..... just scenery?

  14. What Jabiim map did you edit?

  15. i will tommrw night. i have to go right now

  16. how do i apply the bumps anyway?

  17. ok cool. which one is it?

  18. ......oh....well in other news, i fixed droid 1 shot kill and the disembering holo parts

  19. oh and fixed DC15a muzzle flash

  20. yes, you need a plugin, and theres no way to get the texture from the google warehouse

  21. send plz (the bumps)

  22. can you send me a zip with all the gunship textures?

  23. fixed your level. had somthing to do with the player start

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