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  1. ok go into the static mesh browser where it is and go to collistion tools, fit 16 DOP

  2. open the model in the map, go to collision adanced, and make:


    Collide World true

    Collide Actors true

    Block Karma true

    Block Actors true

  3. read the post.....really ulmont? "goof off" XD


    anyway, ill upload it tmmrw morning at about 6 to 7 am eastern time

  4. sure! heres' what me and a bunch of people has made, check out the videos. i worked on these maps



  5. Ok thanks, tell me how it goes. And have you had trouble gettin this site for last day or so? The server wasnt responding and the webpage would never load

  6. i wont be able to get it to you until like sunday...and my comp has trouble with uploadig files right now.......

  7. hey astor, i was wondering. is there a way to put all the tutorials into a seperat tutorial section of the RC forums?

  8. Can't post emails. Against the rules

  9. hey Kurgan, done playing RC? lots of progress has been made!

  10. use FRAPs or somthing like that

  11. wow! i really like the top blue one!

  12. can i see some screenies?

  13. hey, can you find me a new model for the CT helmet? ep3

  14. The one from the trailer? It isn't close to being done yet

  15. translation please!


    "megin cuyir kandosii'la"

  16. I'll do the videos when I get the chance, and the capture thing is going into CCPIV's map. I was only demonstrating the concept and he will intergrate it in

  17. sure send it! and i replaced you rock bridge with Spire that falls and you walk across

  18. ok thats fine, i could find room to putit somewhere else i suppose



    EDIT: i got to add the arena back to make walls


    and i got re pathnode the wohle thing.....i couldnt even get out of the tunnel and my guys cant follow me into

    and for your path over the bridge, i got an idea there.....like i out the demo there,and the gunship crash happens, knocking over the spire and creating a bridge.

    and i thought the Dlt was a GCW weapon?

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