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  1. i see that your menus are a red-ish color. can you tell me how to change the color?

  2. no, the picture is of this guy http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alto_Stratus


    but just make a captain/commander. just a gerneric one

  3. the second battle, where alto stratus was killed. he was killed by a jedi.

  4. well, it cant be alto stratus, cuz he was killed by a jedi.

  5. hey, think you can make a adult skin for a jabiim commander?

  6. Hmm I'll have to look into it

  7. hey, when you send me the maps back, ill make a video called "Prelude: 3.0"

    (theres a song called that too)

    also, with the newest assets, do you still get the double gun glitch? i never got it.

  8. when yuor done with all of them, mind sending them back?

  9. its what prudii sent me dude

  10. 1. i dont think they can fly


    2. whoops, they were like that


    3. ill get it to you, one sec


    4. its a JKA model.....prudii says they were "better"

  11. hey, any idea on how to UV map?

  12. know anyone who can uv map? the textures arn't uved

  13. ok, ill see if i remember how to do this.......

  14. just got garry's mod. and te first addon i got?


  15. ill try to get them to you tonight

  16. nope....all thats there is you get captured and you kill everybody and thats it.

  17. hey CCP, i was wondering, you mind if i finish up that map? ill create a way out of the base, and you'll get picked up by a gunship?

  18. add me xfire



    or hockeymike35


    i forgot which

  19. is your profile pic of Ash'raad Hett?

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