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  1. Hey they look nice! I just hope you left the demo at the beginning. (see new trailer for why) and can you send it to me and I'll script it up?

  2. hey we're gettin ready for another Arc mod......you think you could make an installer?

  3. those are tricky.....best bet it to rip one from an exisiting level...same with bacta dispensers.....make sure you take the holo commandos as well

  4. the ones for the jabiim map and the other commands you sent me

  5. sure, could you put the helemt effects in? and if you still got the other lines could you put the effect in as well? thanks

  6. sorry, my comp is being retarded again

  7. hmm......well ayway.....do you think you can find me an ammo belt/bandoleer? (or how ever you spell it?) thanks

  8. do you know how to convert it?

  9. import it by going into unreal and to the static mesh broweser. file>import

    then import the texture and go to the static mesh and type in the path into the "matterials" cell

  10. the plugin lets you export the mesh as an .ASE

    but the thing is. the mseh doesnt have a texture. its just colored in sketchup like a picture. when you export the mesh, it wont have a texture

  11. hey, mind sending me the finished Geo_00a?

  12. nope. you will always start wit the primary gun

  13. sure! mind if you tell me the theme of the map?

  14. ugh. the zip is gonna be like 1.5 gig. is that alright?

  15. ok..... add a normal trigger into a map where you want the message to appear

    make the collision radius pretty big. then insert a scripted trigger(where the ai scripts are)

    in the normal trigger, open and go to "events" and in the event cell type "Message1"


    then go into the scirpted trigger. into the aiscript tab.


    find ACTION_wait for event


    then type Message1

    then action>new

    then find ACTION_Display message.

    click new.

    then make the duration like 20 secs

    and type in the objective

  16. is your RC for pc or xbox?

  17. found it. yea, i could paint it on the peaks of the mountains and in the vallies

  18. sure. i added flak in my version and ill just move it into yours (its just a plug and play scripted trigger) and ill fix the advisor to "hockey"

  19. i will when i get the chance. right now im focusing on the maps.

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