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  1. haha thats AWESOME!

  2. nothing to see here, move along!

  3. i thought you couldnt

    get on steam

  4. make the gunship like this?



  5. can you send me the westar?

  6. well, they had a few off world missions right?

  7. i could find a place for him

  8. ask Astor.....maybe he deleted it because it said somthing bad or agianst the rules?

  9. Ok.

    Check the new mod db post

    The singer is number 8 in the band

    8 is the special # for the mod

  10. remember that slipknot "level" i was going to feature but never did? well get this.....i made a model of the singer, corey taylor.now, theres 9 members in the band (now 8, 1 died) and they were numbered 0-8. Corey Taylor was #8.........and 8 is the SPECIAL # right?

  11. Thanks for the tutorial section Astor. :D

  12. hey check out the tutorial section in design specs


    Astor put it up after i asked for one, i remember you asking too

  13. i cant do a clone trooper mover, because the dead clone is 1 static mesh. i can only make it with2 or more for a cool looking anim

  14. hey, the part where you pcik up the binoculars, how about tehres a dead/dying radio trooper sitting/laying there, telling you to use it?

  15. dude, get Cod7 for pc!

  16. sure ill do that stuff when i get home tonight :thumbsup:

  17. I see you like what I've done?

  18. Ahhhh "Real-life" stuff eh?

  19. can you send me one, ill see what i can do.

  20. what do you mean "normal maps"?

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