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  1. I voted, but the pm was enough...

  2. Take too many sleeping pills?

  3. Rofl, nice avatar.

  4. We're all here for you Q. Stay strong. :)

  5. Varg Vikernes just released a book on the social history of ancient Scandinavia...you might want to check it out.

  6. Yo, unban me on hssiss...i got something that will make you either LOL or post "..."

  7. No offense, I just like to know people a bit better before friending them.

  8. Uh....why are you trying to friend me? You don't know me at all..... :raise:

  9. Mrmph, I guess that'll suffice. :xp:

  10. Dunkelheit is a beast, for sure. Besides that, I'm not really a fan of his older stuff, dunno why...have you checked out Belus and Fallen yet? It's cool to hear what Burzum sounds like with at least a semblance of production. =P

  11. I come back from Arlington today, so I'm ready to start writing these quests. Let me know if you've changed them or someone wrote some of them already, before I start.

  12. Imagine and Plastic Ono Band are 2 of the best rock albums ever, in my estimation.

  13. You do know your sacred English Beatle was the one who actually wrote the song?

  14. I like a couple of their songs, 21 guns and their working class hero cover, but I wouldn't call myself a 'fan'.


    What makes you ask?

  15. Laibach is ****ing brilliant!!!! These lyrics are heavenly and the music is so original....


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    I love you. :):p:xp::thmbup1:
  16. Thanks for the link.

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