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  1. You seem like a busy guy.

  2. Me neither if you ask me.

  3. His profile said he was on today.

  4. You said you liked Revan so I invited you. :D

  5. Hey can I join your Lost Ones (K1 mod) social group?

  6. Hey I could never sign up with the Lost Ones social group.

  7. I will make sure i come to you "All Knowing One".

  8. I will. Thanks again man.

  9. You are the man. IT WORKED!! :D

  10. No I just could never get it to work so I uninstalled it. :p

  11. Nevermind I will go INSTSALL it now

  12. I'll check right now.

  13. Thanks man I'll do it. Settings in the game right?

  14. No I haven't what happens is I download it and go to play it and it loads the first mission but halfway through the load it gos to the desktop and has an error screen.

  15. Cool but my Cammando game doesn't work. :(

  16. I would join the the mando social groups but people might not like me since I killed all the mandalores :)

  17. I just like Jango, Boba, General Grievous people without force.

  18. Maybe :D. Ya I sort of didn't like anybody at all until I played KOTOR.

  19. Hey I like your sig.

  20. Can't figure out our what avie you want huh.

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