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  1. I read your feedback, and you are so right! :p I'm of half a mind to delete that chapter, but I couldn't figure out how else Qyzen and Per'dra could get captured by the Sith...Any ideas?

  2. I finished it!!! :)

  3. Again, muchas gracias, and I do hope you continue reviewing these! :) In the next chapter...wait...I don't even want to tell you, because that'll spoil the surprise! :p

  4. Do you want to review "SW:TOR: Friction?" :)

  5. Do you want to review "SW:TOR: Friction?" :)

  6. Do you want to review "SW:TOR: Friction?" :)

  7. Hi! :) Are you going to post a review soon?

  8. Please check out SW: TOR: Trust Me and SW: TOR: If You Want Peace. Thanks! :)

  9. Would you be interested in reading some of a story I've written?

  10. I have not, but it seems a lot of people are going gaga over "Game of Thrones."

  11. Thank you so much for reviewing my latest chapter! You're right that Master Karos doesn't think much of Per'dra Yllari...at least, not on the surface. What she REALLY doesn't like is that Yllari doesn't trust her as implicitly as she trusts Master Yun.

  12. *poke poke* How are you? :)

  13. Would you mind commenting on "If You Want Peace"? :) I'm a total feedback junkie!

  14. Happy Birthday!!! :) Thank you also for responding to my PM about companion characters in SW: TOR. :)

  15. I thought I'd shake you up a little with "If You Want Peace." Did I?

  16. Is your computer fixed? :)

  17. So...how'd you like my writing? :)

  18. It's called SW: TOR: ConFessians of a Jedi Consular. :) Thank you so much for reading it! :)

  19. So much for "False Tracks". I went off on another direction. U like it?

  20. I'm going to give you a more detailed review than I usually do, since machievelli is going to be gone for a while. Would you please do the same for me? :) My next chapter is going to be called "False Tracks", posted in the next 2 days or so.

  21. One thing I hate is popping into an RP in the middle, with little context for how I suddenly arrived at the eye of all the action. Any suggestions for how to sneak in?

  22. What's going on in The Eleventh Hour, if I may ask?

  23. First of all, thank you for the compliment on my fics! Second of all, what's your story? I might be up for RP'ing.

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