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  1. zoom.. i actually have some problems with your excercise ..


    do i have to use the toilet before?

    open the cover?

    how should i place my head in it? stand with the front to it or with the back to the bowl?


    i dont have any beer.. but theres an old indian living at the corner down the street.. he has offered me six bottles of mescaline . ... can i use them instead? no wait.. i can rob this old lady there and buy some new beer.

  2. I AM CALM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THAT **** ** *** ******* ** ** * ******* *** ** * ** ** * ** ****** ......... :cool: .. . roy. dont be concerned about me. i think we should like watch das a bit more .. i am not sure if he really knows whats going on with mobile phones and shiftkeys ..








    :D :D :D

  3. :eek: ..:confused: ..:p ..:D


    Hey .. i am not right sure if i can trust you.. i'd rather had some sort of license of authenticity (spel me det) for the results you are presenting here ..




    *catches two of those big havanas out of the dusty box under the couch. throws one over to roy. takes out his stylish midnightchromezippo out lightens up.. *


    see roy.. the cashes wont change me.. i'll stay the good old fruitcake i ever used to be.



  4. Originally posted by Thrackan Solo


    America is a christian dominated country and we allow people of other religions to live here and practice there beliefs.


    But In Muslim countries, christians are persecuted and killed for spreading there beliefs so dont say that we are closeminded religion. [/b]


    the thread is about christians .. otherwise i would have mentioned these muslimic-folks too.


    The most problem with the most religions is .. they dont let their people have an own mind and opinion. nearly everything is given.


    the role of the woman in most religions is .. let's just far behind time. So does the role of the man too.


    Knowledge and science.. these are things which hardly fits to 'religious concerns'


    so i dont have to speak about a special religion .. i just have to count on things like we have the year 2003 guys.. there are things going on in this world.. and the only thing you mind to do is to disturb our parlament with shouting "read the bible", "being gay is sin" (the major of berlin is gay.) "be shameful"




    :confused: Err? Hello?

  5. hey yuf.. no one say today americans are responsible for slavery in the southstates? noone claims the christians for the crusades.


    why does nobody recognize that a.h. was a complete insane fool trying to take on the world and thanks to everybody who has prevented him and his fellows from doing that..





    so. and if you ever meet a nice troup of nazis skinhead or such bastards.. then you'll know how nice the feeling is to hear these words shouted in your face, while someone else tries to empty your cases.. they even dont stop punishing women, older people, children, even pregnant women .. so this is death serios.


    one tip. if they ask if you got a cigarette.. you better got one. dont claim yourself as nonsmoking. or do it and duck fast if they ever ask you 'are you sure?'.



    i really hate it.

  6. So geht das nicht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ScummVM ermöglicht es diese Spiele auf neueren Systemen zu spielen. Es wäre doch eine tolle Sache die Hersteller dieser tollen Spiele zu UNTERSTÜTZEN indem man diese Spiele KAUFT.


    Buy it!!!


    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

  7. i think there are three ways roy...


    1. gimme my money. without the fun-o-risk feel.

    2. dont gimme my money. make me feel used.

    3. You 10, I 10 .. and go ahead as you was intended to. let your daughter pick up a number out of ten .. you the odd i the even numbers... like that. 50:50 chance! You already have my money.. so i have to trust you. I dont have your money so you can trust me.



  8. Silent_Thunder .. what you are saying makes kind of sense ..


    I think if parallel universes are depending to another .. it is .. connected .. as you say it is..


    *reads zooms post. again..*


    hey zoom. this is kind of mystic. why do you have those 'timline spaghetti we grab the event' thoughts??????????


    how do you came on this.. Are you infiltring in my brain Z???


    i wonder if others will have such "simple normal" explanations for the unknown .. no i dont claim to be the only one who figures out some like this....


    *krrrk fascinating*

  9. pehabs they can do like ... pretend they want to be stars ..


    today started that new tvshow .. StarSearch ..



    *(interlude)nice voice bubbelin*


    Do you have problems like .. to concentrate? To get the point in few sentences? Explain what are you actually thinking?

    Are you drifting away every time you stare at the monitorything?

    You never attend to the topic?


    The is it you we are searching. For you to consume our "Best ADD Award 03' " 2003 ..




    Hey what was this? ..


    *looks around*




    StarSearch. StarAct, KidAct, ComedianAct, AndSome****IDontNoAnyMoreAct. ..


    hm. now i am bored ..

    and i forgot my text.


    *goes off, cries silently about his totally spootynes*

  10. i'm peaceful... i .. err. ok. sometime i didnt found 'my' way yet. you know .. some edges .. thank you rouge for helping me growing ..


    please be assured i let other people think what they want. who am i that i tell other people wath to think (brrrainwash) .. i dont want to get telled (???) what i have to think..




    i'm calm now




  11. .. nnooooooo. no.


    i was just joking around ..


    .. it WAS a bad thing in history .. but not german history at all.. a bit history of human race too.. i think. there is nothing bad about it to speak it out and it SHOULD NOT be wiped away or so..


    but I personally didnt lived at this time .. I personally am not involved in this case .. it concerns me only in human belongings and so on..


    mmm.. in germany some tv-people do not speak about this topic because of some 'jews' come up and say "he said this and that" ..


    But so does not the late night show.. this guy jokes on just this topic that people are trying to kind of 'remove it' and other people constantly keep pointing at people who are not involved..

  12. *couch.. rrhhhsper.. pretends voice of pres*


    yeah yufster.. this is Mr. President speaking..


    i dont think youre like .. a funky terrorists act .. i dont believe you have actually neither had ever any WOMDs at hand..


    i believe this hole thing is a huge conspirative conspiracy thingy. you guys are trying to trick me around ..




    ahh. yah. can you imagine this yuf?? This seems to be a hole lot of Mr. Winkies saying "hellooooo!"





  13. 1st) christians BURNED people for certain reasons. ONE is that they SAID the EARTH is a SPHERE.

    2nd) they refused to accept this up to the 20th century.




    nothing furthermore needed to say to that except perhabs:


    If you are carrying a cross and step to a foe with it and hit him with it, then you are not longer carrying a cross. YOU CARRY A WEAPON.

  14. they dont trust you.. what would you say .. Roy..


    Seems as if everybody's behind the creds. Do they change to GOLD one day? What is it? They're all hived by that THRIK-type ..


    ROY. you have to do some.


    Or at least .. start the damn lottery and let me see if i loose.

  15. Originally posted by scabb

    There's nothing wrong with making cracks about the holocaust.




    THERE! Again. see. like i said.. once started never stopped.


    ..nazi. :eek:



    a musical is something totally different. as long as they SING *sings* holocaust, hhoooooolllllllllooocaaaaaaaauuuusssst.



    so please to Hollywood. Schindlers Liste the musical.




  16. Dont call me junior!


    They are trying to kill us!

    I know father!

    It's a new experience for me.

    It happens to me all the time.


    Dr. Jones?




    Small world Dr. Jones.

    Too small for us.

    And again i have to get back what is mine. (not sure anymore)

    This belongs to a museum.

    So you do.


    Oh. What have i done? Ming dynasty ..

    Oh, nothing happend..

    Thank God.. it's a fake..


    Snakes, why must it be snakes.

    Vipers.. very dangerous. You better go first, Indy.


    C'mon senor, nothing can happen from now on.

    THAT is what i am concerned about .. You stay here.

    If you demand on it, senor.


    <I do not know where this is taken from.. but i had the feel it is CLASSICOMAXIMO>

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