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  1. Okay, I can suppress this no longer. Who is the incredibly awesome-looking guy on your avatar?

  2. Oh, don't mind me. Just blowing the dust off your visitor message box, is all.

  3. If you want to shed manly tears a-many, I strongly suggest you watch the Chinese film Aftershock, for it has made its way to my super-top-rated films list for having made me cry too much.

  4. If ashes to ashes,

    And dust to dust,

    A handful of dust,

    Surely a handful,

    Would it be to me,

    A handful of ash.

    ~ Oscar Wilde, The Rubaiyat of Nasrudeen Hodja

    (translated from the original German by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki)

  5. Sith your gif's make me long for candy from when I was a kid. ;(

  6. Amusing addendum:

    If the US withdraws support, Afghanistan gets difficult for them. If they choose to pull out, the place would very likely become a terrorist hangout again. Meanwhile, fundamentalism would probably grow in an impoverished Pakistan and over the course of a few decades, the Wahabbi madrasa-educated fundamentalists would have become the new youth, i.e. the driving force behind the country. And that's fun for everyone. :)

  7. End result: nobody knows what the **** is going on. As for the nuclear build-up, that falls in the Army's department, who's motto is Indus Enemi Destroyus fora Great Justicia. Ergo, it's more important to have a larger arsenal than India than to suppress some nosy terrorists. I mean come on, they're after the Government any way, not the Army.



  8. It's like this:


    The US is fighting terrorists in Afpak. They require the co-operation of Pakistan for the war effort in Afghanistan, due to obvious geographic proximity and political ties (and a... disagreement with Iran). Pakistan decides to take advantage of the US' newfound attention to bolster their conventional army and send middle-fingers to India, for the only apparent reason that... well, no real reason apart from a deep-seated historical ill-will.



  9. Murphon you crazy wandering Jew! What godforsaken part of the world are you in right now?

  10. I could tell you which one but that would be telling

  11. صلى الله حكمتكم وتبين لنا أسرار شهوانية الخاص

  12. This I will get also.

  13. Watch Dogtooth. It's the most psychologically ****ed-up film I've seen this month. *_* I hope it wins an Oscar.

  14. What I find even more disturbing is that your last post was in September last year. >:/

  15. Your lack of new avatars I find most disturbing.

  16. I should be online tonight.

  17. Sire Litof von Ency, I have most deplorable news for you. It would seem that my computer has been destroyed and must undergo repairs. Meanwhile, I am restricted to a lousy laptop with a limited Internet connection that I most despise but have to use out of necessity.


    I will go ahead and install Skype and hopefully we shall meet once more. But I fear you might have some disappointing news regarding having to return to school now, yes?

  18. Oh how easy for you to say, sir, ye who has not read the great Zamyatin's We. Because We is from God, and I from the Devil. We is unity, and I is weakness.


    1000 kanji done today. :p I lost the plugin that let me see at a glance how many I know well, but I think that figure should be 200-400 by now.

  19. You custom title now reminds me of this all the time.

    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  20. Got rid of Civilization V. Will reinstall Civ IV later when I feel like it and mod it up crazy.

  21. Nothing, they're just too few and oldy-moldy. Besides, true userbars should be animated to fade into each other.

  22. Stop right there! You have a Black Swan avatar! You have my trust and respect.

  23. What can I say? Some people still believe that real women can use the Internets! :xp:

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