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  1. Enh heh heh hehn henh. Fall. Heh heh. More like fail. Henh heneh heh heh heh.

  2. Liked Hunger? You will love Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground! Also, Hunger: the novel: the movie.

  3. What can I say, you left me tongue-tied. :xp:

  4. Did a check around, everyone we know is good. Blast hasn't been as strong as before, government response time has been (thankfully) better than before. Thanks for worrying. :)

  5. I thank you again for showing me Hunger, it is a truly enlightening and relatable book for imaginative, dishonest, egotistic slackers such as myself. In fact, I did research on the author, and found that Knut Hamsun is an ancestor of mine! No, stay, it's true! It did the complete research! You see, my mother is very fair, and her mother's mother's father was from Norway, and it is from there that my claim to the Hamsun lineage exists. You must understand that I would never lie about such a matter, it does not fit my character, and surely you understand how this makes it very easy for me to relate to the book.

  6. You're free tonight? Oh no mister, you're not free tonight at all. *checks ropes*

  7. Oh no, I insist we use my milk. :naughty:

  8. जे का रंजले गांजले ।

    त्यासी म्हणे जो आपुले ॥१॥


    तोचि साधु ओळखावा ।

    देव तेथेंचि जाणावा ॥२॥


    मृदु सबाह्य नवनीत ।

    तैसे सज्जनांचे चित्त ॥३॥


    ज्यासीं अपंगिता पाही ।

    त्यासई धरी जो हृदयी ॥४॥


    दया करणे जे पुत्रासी ।

    तोचि दासा आणि दासी ॥५॥


    तुका म्हणे सांगो किती ।

    त्याचि भगवंताच्या मूर्ति ॥६॥

  9. How you been, bromigo?

  10. How good are you at it anyway? Can you read Chinese websites yet? Isn't Chinese all about pronouncing the character and throwing them together in a random mess of grammar?

  11. I'll just take that thread of yours now, thanks.

  12. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  13. Been a while, hasn't it? Keeping well?

  14. You sir, are getting a visitor message from me after exactly a year.

  15. If translated to Google Translatese, then yes. :p My translation is, A bit of despair "Come this way!"


    It's from the lyrics to Ringo Mogire Beam, by Ohtsuki Kenji and the Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi.

  16. If this is a passive-aggressive attack on me for not continuing the comic idea you made, I AM IN COMPLETE SUPPORT.

  17. Well nothing particularly important, am afraid. Have you been travelling afar slaying dragons yourself?

  18. Have a visitor message for this year.

  19. Your new avatar looks kind of like the flag of Finland...

  20. 你回来了吗?

  21. God I laughed so hard when Nascimento says "Operation Iraq." :D

  22. Your avatar is supreme win, good sir.

  23. You know, your name in Hindi translates to "Why"

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