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  1. Well anyone who is wedded to one idea of what truth is is unwilling to accept reality. I actually have two traps in my post. Bet you can't figure out what they are

  2. Over in Kavar's Hot topics I am waiting for Rake to fall into my trap. 'Those who deny the past have no future'

  3. What happened is that thre years into reviewing this site, I tried to go back to make sure that I had not missed anyone. The reason for tagging them is a thread you have posted on is tagged whereas one you have read is not. So now I tag them to say, 'yes, nick, you did read this one already.

  4. voted and commented

  5. CHainz, is it possible to get all of the SW linked forums here to let me know when new fiction comes out?

  6. Sure, what do you need help with?

  7. Have we had entries, or do I still have time to try for Jayvar?

  8. That's why I called him my namesake, kid. But it's properly spelled machiavelli

  9. Notify me, and at that point I will re-review it

  10. Katarn was there twice, 11 ABY, and 14 ABY. Considering we have Katarn as a Jedi at that time, it means it was ABY for the first part

  11. Where did you get the underwear for this one?

  12. Kid, is there a new link to Brotherhood of Shadows? The mega site it was on has removed it

  13. I am so ticked I might submit one that shows them what I mean, and write it in less than three days

  14. If that one terrifies them too much, I can come up with another. How about Final glimpses; The last stand of any character from the games

  15. did rereview it for this week. However as I told you, musicals are not my thing, so all I can comment on is the basic story line

  16. If you request it. Can't guarantee anything

  17. All right I will read it again.

  18. I've done the review, but I will cut it to save. All right?


    I expect you'll want to let me know when.

  19. I may be wrong, but she reminds me of Zakal a bit.


    Question, is Mass Effect an online game? I was looking at it over at Best buy and it says you need an internet link. If it is, do they charge?

  20. tell me about it. They're trying to equate it with the Great Depression, but they had 50% out of work then. Numerically it is worse because we have almost twice as many people now, but with only 20-25% out of work we're not that bad off yet.

  21. may be out of work my may 1st and out of money June 6th

  22. It should be on my hit parade for this week

  23. I reviewed it back on the 5th of this month. Did you want me to do a personal review?

  24. I will review it for the next collumn

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