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  1. I've accomplished one of those two goals...I don't know when I'll be in the mood to start up my Mass Effect fic again, but I will restart it at some point. I promise!


    In the meantime, "The Threefold War" and "Council of the Old Republic" are ready!

  2. Council of the Old Republic is ready--at last! :)

  3. Привет, Токарев Совет!


    Вы говорите по-русский? Если да, то пожалуйста пишите мне! :)


    (Hello, Tokarev Soviet! Do you speak Russian? If so, please write to me! :))

  4. *psst* Would you like to roleplay with me? :) I just saw your profile in "Getting to know each other..." --would like to get to know more about you. :)

  5. What do you think of my idea?

  6. If I knew anything about Halo, I would join your RP in a heartbeat, but it would be like me joining an RP about anime characters...I know absolutely nothing about either phenomenon. Sorry! :( Thanks for asking me, though! :)

  7. Glad you wanted to join my roleplay--Blade of War! :) I put my first post in, BTW. :)

  8. Are you interested in joining the roleplay I've set up concurrently with this one--"The Dark Side Conquers"? You're a really good roleplayer, Commander. :)

  9. Hey, Q! Keriz can carry me to his ship if he wants...:)

  10. Endorenna...long time no see! :) Care to read my KOTOR III and Mass Effect fics? I really appreciated your feedback on Vremya, and I would love it here as well! :)

  11. So, how do you like the installment of Mass Effect II? :)

  12. There's still time for me to *edit* the story...who, in your estimation, would be the most likely/willing partner for Sha'ira? Who would be the most interesting? :)

  13. How'd you like the latest Mass Effect: Reaping chapter?

  14. Alkonium: I usually write one installment per week so mach can review it. ;-)


    LordOfTheFish: My Umbral Tide series is on hold right now until I finish the other two series I'm working on: Mass Effect II: Reaping and KOTOR III: Tret'ye Srazhenie (Third Battle). HINT: If you post a comment on either series, you have the privilege of creating a character that I will use! :)

  15. I got the first one. :)

  16. I don't think so, but if you invite me to any of your other ones and I join, I'll join the social group, too. :) Happy New Year, even though it isn't technically the New Year yet!

  17. Oh, you bet! Lay 'em on me! :)

  18. I love her so much, and thank you for creating her! :)

  19. Not yet, but I am working on it.

  20. I can't wait to start! Please give me some tips throughout the story if I'm going off track or if I'm getting her history wrong or something. I'm a newbie to this character, but it will be VERY interesting playing her. :)

  21. All right. If Andorra isn't taken, I'll play her. She's a bit of a worrier, right, curious about Kalla, and of an elven-type race called...what was it again? Sorry! :)

  22. As these stories go, at least the ones that have as many posts as yours do, I doubt I'll be able to post that frequently since I'm gone on a lot of business trips for work and out of town, too. I know how it can get when people post dozens of times per day, and I'm afraid I (and Andorra) will get lost in the shuffle. It's happened before with some of the other roleplays I didn't start but tried to do. It's kind of like playing an MMO. Some people get to level X FAST because they're constantly playing the game, but other people have to "level" a bit slower.

  23. I don't think so, but I'm still up for playing Andorra in The Sith Resurrection V. :)

  24. I posted the second part of the prologue in the CEC. Enjoy, mon ami! :)

  25. Would you mind if I added another section to the Prologue that delves further into Yeru and her mindset before your "PC character" shows up?

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