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Want hardcore JA game play? (xmod2)

FK | unnamed

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LOL, no need to get so mad.

And I dont want to get atention. (WTF)

I just dont feel its right to be mean to Master William.

If you think im a little twit...

LOOK at your own god damn self.

you CONSTANTLY flame at me and William because you dont agree with us.

will you just let us post what we think without trying to smash our self esteam. its not even the game, we are just talking about it.


**** off.

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HOLY ****





That's hardcore you dumbasses! Don't you ever use that name in vane! CTX for life!


OMG!, come on people. The fk are a bunch of ****ing kick whore's and sailors (talk about cliche)


Rumor, is that your in name game? I think everyone should say what their in game names are so we can have some good kicks (literally).


This thread is getting so interesting every day :D

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why do you people go on about fk this fk that when uj is the only one here who is in fk? we dont' give a **** if you think we are kick whores. jesus you guys are like some kid who just got his first lollypop.




yes this is my name ingame. i don't see the point in keeping up a million aliases for every thing i do. wherever i go i am rumor.


plaz is plaz.


uj is uj

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Originally posted by Rumor

oh shut the **** up rok/freedom newbie.

ok, k newbie whos entire clan left the JK2 community crying about how the game is bugged.


you and your entire clan went on a rampage crying about how you should get a forfiet win over a "prejudice word" when toosexy said bite me when image raped you 10-0 in ten minutes.
please know what your talking about. Remi called sexy on the "prejudiced word" and none of us said a damn thing about it. The "prejudiced word" thing was disscussed on ventrilo before remi said anything, we did it mostly to see newbies/children like yourself get bent over it and laugh about us losing to a team you couldnt even beet yourself.


and anyone that says the bull**** you are spewing about cursing and mental ability is about as trite and cliche as calling a kettle black. albert einstein cursed like a sailor.
Last I checked, you didnt invent half of the math used today.


now go /am****yourself in a corner.
:rolleyes: very grown up and mature of you... take afew hints from your friend plazma, at least he thinks before he says anything.


Originally posted by FK | unnamed

heh, that was them/this guy?



No, it was remi, You can view the demo if you want to hold it against me or the rest of former f like children such as rumor who dont even know me.
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not mine thanks. seeing as we are #2 (duh) on the sabers ladder.


gunners game wasn't ****ed up ours wasn't so you trying to make that bandwagon is about as stupid as desnipa saying he owns everyone.


last i checked my clan never had a problem with playing the top of the game and putting up a hell of a fight no matter how tough the opponent.


remi called him on it but you were happy enough to hop on the bandwagon.


last i checked einstein didn't either. he just figured out a lotta **** using math. remember, you said cursing reflects your intelligence.


we never claimed we could beat image. we also never went around claiming to be something we weren't.


don't need to know you. all you've ever done is play in second rate clans thinking you own or something.

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ugh, wtf is wrong with people, dont post here unless you want to talk about fricken xmod alright? and when you do, make sure it DEALS WITH XMOD! thanks you for your attention. edit: oh and please try to keep it civil, i dont want to nix discussion on this promising mod.


now, onto admin commands, you can keep freeze thats fine, but what else does one need? kick and ban, both of which are already in JA. if someone needs to be punished for whineing about 'laming' then just chase them around killing them every way possible until they either decide to leave of thier own free will, or actually start to play the wonderful gametype of FFA. :)

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Argh.. maybe it's time for another group hug?


Seriously, this thread has gotten majorly derailed.



Guys, believe it or not it's possible to disagree with each other and debate WITHOUT RESORTING TO PERSONAL INSULTS OR PROFANITY!


Anyway, feel free to start a new thread, but keep it civil this time.



Sorry folks... nothing to see here, move along, move along....

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