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Slave 1 project is not dead!


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Originally posted by Darth_Kitty

Heres the error


I finally got the twin vulcans working and there so cool but the tomahawks aren't. I used the same code as the X-Wing for them and they still dindt work. Then I made the missles to be the vulcans and strange enough THEY WORKED. So why is it that the missles aren't responding right?





Sorry but I don't quite understand what your saying. Maybe because i'm not aware of what your project is. PM me with more details and info, though it may require me looking at the actuall .efx file in EffectsEd to figure it out. And if I can't help you then I may know someone who can. Hatrus introduced me to somebody that's gonna make my weapon efx for the Slave 1, plus I still have a contact at Ravensoft I can always go to.


Anyway, a small tiny update. I did a little more work on the Boba's ship skin to bring out more details and did the animation for the wings to rotate up at takeoff. I just need to do the animation for the whole ship to rotate 90 degrees and then make the hud and shader's. A guy named Apex is gonna take care of the weapon efx for me and most likely with take care of setting up the .veh file as well. So finally it's all starting to come together. I'll post more updates and/or pics this weekend most likely.

Once I finish the Boba version then i'll only need to make another skin for Jango's version and apply a slightly different set of weapons. The skinning is what takes me the longest since I suck at it.

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Originally posted by Lil Killa

The textures look like they need some work but the model looks good.


I second that ... there are plenty good skinners out there.

Maybe ask someone to help you.


Or maybe a decent skinner who reads this could offer his help :rolleyes:


C'mon ppl exchange!!!!! :evanpiel:

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Ok, here's the latest pics. The animations are done, just need a bit of tweeking. Still need to add the bones for the turret guns, then make the shaders and hud and lastly Jango's ship skin. The rest will be up to Apex. The engine exhausts in these pics are temporary, they defintely won't be the final efx used.











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Keep it up, man!! I hope my models may even come close to how good your models look!! It looks very realistic by the way. The only thing needed to be changed is the exhaust, but you already talked about it. I only wish my models could be completed and put in game so quickly. I have been waiting around half a year now, and tFighterPilot has been to busy to completely finish my models lately, as he (and most people, including me) have school now...



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