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The Cantina Drinking Game!


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I just saw one of these in a forward email about Star Wars, and found it can easily be adapted for our beloved Cantina thread!


Take one drink when/For every:


1]One of Deac's characters dies and returns to life somehow

2] Redwing uses a character not from the star wars universe

3]Two for anyone else doing so

4]A scene that's not even in the same sector as Tatooine

5]Admiral uses a character based on a Norse mythological figure

6]Battle between two major characters that both walk away from

7]Thread with a title that never quite comes to pass

8]Poster who mysteriously disappears

9]Whenever an avatar or other "Aege" appears

10] Whenever someone godmodes and completely gets away with it:D


Any more, feel free to add!


Don't forget...only a month or so until this year's HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!! Muhahahahaha!:D

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11] Every time BD kills one of his characters and then rewinds time three posts later.

12] Every time BD and Scar get into a fight via their characters.

13] Every time one of BD's Jedi commits murder and walks away smiling.

14] Every time BD introduces another beutiful woman

15] Every time BD introduces an average looking woman (A bottle of whisky)

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Originally posted by BattleDog

12] Every time BD and Scar get into a fight via their characters.

13] Every time one of BD's Jedi commits murder and walks away smiling.


No, thats a double drink when we fight, and a triple when it envolves your jedi being either arrogant or just bluntly 'not jedi-like'




19] One drink when I delete a large portion of a post.

20] Two drinks when i delete an entire post of mine

21] Once for when I introduce a character with a mental problem

22] Once for when a character's personality changes (F. Irvine BIG time here folks)

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#15 has never happened! :D;)


Neither has #18, which isn't so much funny as odd...>.> *chews on R15 curiously*



27) Redwing has a character explain something simple for two paragraphs or longer.

28) Redwing drags out a plotline for at least twice as long as is strictly necessary.

29) Redwing foreshadows something mysterious, then doesn't follow up until everyone else has forgotten all about it.

30) A character, any character, who is supposed to be a Jedi or Sith, acts totally unlike a Jedi or Sith.

31) One of Admiral's characters threatens someone.

32) Coruscant is attacked or under seige.

33) Scar uses a character with 'demonic' traits.

34) Five drinks whenever romance is mentioned.

35) Ten if it actually has something to do with the plot. (Family relations don't count.)

36) One of Deac's characters is revealed to be related to one of his other characters.

37) One of Redwing's characters is part of a group with a one-word title like "Blade", "Shadow", or "Vanguard".

38) Five drinks when a character is introduced that is not human in appearance.

39) A deadly battle, fight, or other situation where every major and minor character survives.

40) Two drinks for the above - plus many, many (or every) peripheral character/s involved bites the dust.

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42] A drink everytime Syrnl comes back from death/alternate universe or returns in some other way

43]Every time Lokpihet comes back to life

44]Every time one of the Darkstars goes to Byss [You'd have thought they'd run out of stuff by now, no?]

45] Everytime I end a post with:


*Ignites Sabers*

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46] Whenever wildjedi comes up with yet another character (not necessarily in this RPG forum... I must have more than 20 characters running around now:D )


(looks at list) Dude, if we actually did this, we'd be soooo drunk now. Maybe even... umm... no longer in the land of the living.;)

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48) Every time we get into an OOC discussion in the story thread (drink twice if it involves Scar, BD or me)

49) Every time BD and Scar start arguing over what one of their char's did

50) Every time Cracken disappears for more than a week.



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I mean if only it were true that I didn't resurect old threads. Anyway, re writeing former rules to a drink I made.

51) Every time soemone takes a drink

52) Every time I post

53) Whenever you want to.


((Because of number 51 you will be continueing to drink because yo uall drink but someone else drank so you must drink again, then again... IT'S AN ENDLESS CYCLE!:D ))

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